Babe, Who are you? Sarah Roza, of Course

Sarah Jane Roza, a fan favorite from this year’s Married at First Sight, broke the news to her 335,000 Instagram followers in an incredibly courageous and personal post… In her heart, she still longs to be a mother.

Marriage at First Sight 2018’s Sarah Jane Roza had us swooning with her honesty in her pursuit of love, and even for the forthright way in which she wore her emotions on her sleeve.

All of this is still true, as shown by her most recent post.

She captioned the photo as follows: “I’m looking forward to the most important chapter of my life, that is just around the corner. Now is an amazing moment to be a female in the scientific community. Thank you, single women everywhere.”

I think we’re all on board with Sara Roza taking things into her own hands.

Although Sarah had given birth to another kid before, this is not her first time. The thirty – nine years Melbourne beauty spoke out about her past miscarriage while getting married to Telv Williams on-air.

In the wake of her and Telv’s breakup and their relationship’s conclusion, her fans have gathered to join in her delight. There were a few responses: “It is time to pursue them, my sweetheart. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. It means a lot to me that you’re here for me.”

The admiration for Sarah is mutual: “Sarah, you are an inspiration!”

“IVF was used to conceive one of my kids. A once-in-a-lifetime experience is about to begin.”

“For me, this is a major achievement. Having a fantastic experience in your new job as a mother is something I want for you.”

Her twins’ tragic deaths, which occurred less than a year before the premiere of MAFS, were the subject of an interview with TV Week.

On MAFS, she recalled how her joy at being pregnant with twins quickly turned to heartbreak when her boyfriend at the time revealed that he didn’t need to be with her longer.

As the 38-year-old woman said to TV WEEK, “His family simply never liked me.”

“Affluent or not, I was born and raised in poverty. A true Stepford Wife was what they desired for their child.”

Sarah was devastated when she learned she was pregnant twice.

According to her, it was “soul-destroying.”.

Sarah was adamant about raising her kids on her own after her husband left her.

The actress says she was 37 at the time and decided to “just work it out” since she didn’t know if she would have another chance.

We were all heartbroken when it didn’t work out.

When asked when she lost her first child, she says, “I was almost two months along when I lost my second.”

Sarah’s pain was exacerbated by the fact how she had kept her pregnancy a secret from anybody else.

“I would be in a dark place” for months after the incident, she says. “A dense fog is the best comparison I can come up with. I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of this jam for some reason.”

We’re overjoyed for her, but we believe she’s handling things differently this go around by announcing her pregnancy right away.

Sarah Roza & Telv Williams were an instant hit on Married At The first Sight from the moment they lay eyes on one another.

We all hoped for a happy ending for them, which hit national headlines of their split all the more difficult for us.

A prior partnership between Telv and Maddie Carolan produced two children, and the couple recently divorced.