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Jimmy Smacks is an adult actor in the film industry and a social media star that gained fame through his role on the OnlyFans. He is currently one the most subscribed male actors of the site. Fans.Despite the fact that it is known for its exposing explicit content, OnlyFans is not a completely NSFW site.

Although it is known for its pornographic content, OnlyFans is not a completely NSFW site. On the contrary, it accepts content creators of every genre. It has made money from the work of chefs, writers comic book creators, and artists.

Name Jimmy Smacks
Date of Birth 16 December 1990
Age 30
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Born Country U.S.A
Hometown New York
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Parents Being updated
Profession Television Personality
Education (High School / College / University) Not known
Marital Status Unmarried
Relationship Status Dating
Girlfriend Mariah Lynn
Ex-Girlfriend Trina (Katrina Laverne Taylor)
Children (Son, Daughter) Being updated
Social Media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Net Worth $2 Million
Height in Feet 5 feet 11 inches
Any wife no

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Jimmy Smack is a well-known television star throughout the United States. On December 16, 1990 Jimmy Smack was born. He was was raised within New York City. ASAP Rocky, along with a handful of other New Yorkers who were well-known were his adolescent friends.

As we’re discussing the significance to his surname, his actual name is Jimmy and Smack has been his pseudonym. There’s not much information on the people that were part of Jimmy’s youth. It has been discovered that prior to his fame the actor made a living through the sale of illegal goods.

According to Smack’s recommendation, you should think of yourself as your main or most significant influencer. As per Jimmy Smack, you are the only person who is aware of and knows yourself. You’re aware of your own personal experiences as well your trials as well as victories and losses.

You’re fully aware of the struggles you’ve faced and the hugs you’ve received. Every person has their own individual journey and story to live. So embrace them and take pleasure in your life with joy. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be affected by other people however, he’s suggesting that people need to rethink their priorities.


While there aren’t any authentic details about Jimmy’s work but it is well-known that he’s a scam artist. Jimmy claims to be an online marketer, a veteran internet marketer who previously made money on the internet eight years ago. There’s something that’s not completely right.

Jimmy was able to create and earn money from his followers and fans. He said he earns an income of more than $100,000 annually. Jimmy Smack also operates a website that previously sold adult-oriented products.

Jimmy Smack isn’t your usual online influencer. He is an adult entertainer who is a professional and creator of fan-generated content. Jimmy created various clips for female entertainment.

Net Worth

Jimmy Smacks’ total net worth is greater than 2 million dollars. The source of his income isn’t known currently.

The media guru on the web revealed how much money the account has earned him via the OnlyFans account in just one week. Jimmy assures that he earns the equivalent of 100,000 dollars per month through OnlyFans.