Caitlin McGee Bio, Early Life, Net Worth, Relationships, Education And Hobbies

Caitlin McGee was a California native, born 9 January 1988. Her zodiac sign, Capricorn, is her nationality. She is an actor best known for playing the role of Sydney Strait in “Bluff City Law”, a drama series created by Michael Aguilar, Dean Georgaris and which also featured Jimmy Smits & Barry Sloane. It features lawyers who work at a Memphis law office that specializes in civil rights.

Age, Height, and More.

Caitlin is 33 years old. Caitlin is 33 years old. She has brown hair and eyes with long brown hair. Her height is 5ft 6ins (1.68m), and her weight is 110lbs (50kg).

Education and Early life

Caitlin was born in California to her parents, Johnny McGee (businessman) and Joan Durkee (sister). Unknown to her, she is believed to have a sister who is a doctor.

Caitlin began her interest in acting while she was in elementary school. She watched at least one film each week with her family. Caitlin’s interest in acting grew over the years and she was eventually a member her high school drama club. After matriculating in 2006 she wanted to go into acting. However, her parents advised her to get a college degree. Even if she wasn’t successful in acting, there was always another option. Caitlin listened to her parents and enrolled at Wagner College, where she received a Bachelor’s in theatre performance as well as speech.


Caitlin is extremely secretive about her love life. She hasn’t talked about any men she may have been with or when she met Patrick Woodall.

Caitlin and the actor were married in 2014. They have not revealed the date or whereabouts of their private ceremony, which was attended only by their closest friends.

Patrick’s private life is not well-known. Patrick is an actor, producer, and film writer. His most memorable roles include the 2015 fantasy crime series, “Forever”, the 2017 short comedy film, “Post-Party”, as well as the 2019 romantic comedy movie, “Plus One”. He produced four episodes of the comedy series Hotel Reject and also wrote the short adventure comedy film Scatterwild in 2015.

They have not spoken about any other relationships they may have had before they met, so Caitlin and Patrick are married.


Caitlin is an avid dog-lover and her Instagram bio says it all: “Please let me pet my dog…it’s an emergency.” She also has two pets dogs that can be seen in many of her Instagram photos.

Caitlin loves to party and will use any occasion to throw a party. These occasions are the best for her to wear flashy clothes.

She is a supporter of Black Lives Matter and has participated in several protests around the US.

Caitlin is a big fan of fast cars and loves to watch NASCAR races.

Her favorite actors and actresses are Leonardo DiCaprio & Cate Blanchett. Her favorite movies are “Inception”, “Catch Me If You Can” and “The Aviator”.

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Net Worth

Caitlin’s net Worth was estimated at more than $500,000.