Who is Cerina Vincent? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

American writer as well as a film producer and actress Cerina Vincent, who is well-known for her performance as Maya in “Yellow Galaxy Rangers,” was noticed by the media when the show became an instant hit and received lots of favorable reviews from teens.

Body Measurements

This 42-year-old American actress is white in ethnicity. She has long dark brunette hair, and eyes that are light brown. The actress is 5ins and 7ft (1.71m) tall and weighs 130lbs (57kg) and her vital stats are 34-28-37.

Early Life and Education

Cerina Vincent is a performer with an interest in acting and performing since the age of a child has been born to the Aquarius zodiac sign on February 7, 1979, in Nevada, the USA so is 42 years old by 2021.

She was raised with her siblings, Angela Rose and brother Gino Vincent by their parents, whose names aren’t known to the general public. However, they are thought to be Americans of Irish as well as Italian descent. She was the daughter of a teacher who pushed Cerina to take on a job in show business.

The Las Vegas-born actress was a student at Diskin Elementary School where she was a part-time participant in Christmas plays; Cerina also appeared in Las Vegas’ Cultural Affairs Division sponsored Rainbow Company Youth Theatre productions.

She attended Durango High School and matriculated to Marymount College on a scholarship which led to her being moved to New York. In college, the renowned actress took many jobs that were not hers and often attended auditions.

She was eventually selected to be part of the USA Network’s USA High commercial. Cerina was very busy, appearing in films and TV shows, and eventually was forced to leave college to concentrate on her professional career.

Personal Life

In terms of her past relationships in 2000, Cerina was involved in a relationship with Eli Roth, who is an actor and director. The relationship did not go well between them and they broke up after they had shared an entire year together for a year.

The year 2008 was the time Cerina was married by Ben Waller at a small ceremony that was crowded with friends and family. They seemed to be enjoying the company of each other and often attended awards ceremonies and celebrations together.

The pair had been in a relationship for more than a decade however, after five years of relationship, they broke up in 2013 due to unknown reasons.

Presently, Cerina is rumored to be in a relationship with Mike Estes, who is well-known as a stuntman and actor. Along with Mike the actress from Nevada is expecting a child, Nicola Vincent Apollo, who is also known as “Nico.”.

Net Worth

Cerina has managed to amass an impressive sum of money from her various professions as an actress, writer, and producer. Much of her net worth comes from her acting work and sources indicate that in 2021 she’s worth around $2 million. The present, experienced writer is currently working on a couple of upcoming projects that could boost her wealth.