Who is Chandler Kinney? Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Chandler Kinney is an American dancer, actress, and Taekwondo’s first-degree black belt holder. Most famously, she is for her performance as Riana Murtaugh on “Lethal Weapon”, the TV show that was a huge success for three seasons between 2016 and the year 2019.

For those who are interested in Chandler Kinney, this biography was written to help you learn everything you must know about this famous persona.

Early Life, Family, Educational Background

Chandler Kinney was born under the zodiac sign of Leo on August 3, 2000, at Sacramento, California USA, to an Afro- American family. Kinney has two brothers older than her After a short time after her birth Kinneys Kinneys relocated to Los Angeles, where she as well as her siblings were raised. It was a good move for her because it gave her easy access to a variety of institutions that provided her with the necessary training for her professional career.

Chandler Kinney wears many hats. When she was a child she began to show interest in dancing. At the age of three, she began dancing classes to become a professional dancer. She attended Los Angeles Ballet Academy, Kirov Academy of Ballet, and the Debbie Allen Dance Academy on the basis of a scholarship.

Chandler’s older brothers inspired her to pursue martial arts. Growing up as a girl and girls, she needed to master self-defense so that she was able to stand a chance against her siblings in fights.

She began practicing martial arts at age 10 and was awarded her black belt for the first time at age 13. After her appearance on her debut commercial for the first time, she enrolled at the highly regarded Marnie Cooper School of Acting.

In pursuit of her goals, Chandler didn’t leave formal education, but it was difficult to keep up – throughout the filming of “Lethal Weapon” she was mostly at home, and meeting with her teacher every week to finish schoolwork or finish her assignments on the set. It didn’t go to waste since she graduated in May of 2018 being accepted into UCLA’s University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) within that same month.

Personal Life, Relationship

Happily, Chandler Kinney has maintained her career without controversy. While speaking with PopHearts she said that she would love to collaborate with Lupita Nyong’o in the future due to her beauty and articulation’.

The actress and her co-stars from the set are friends and in the background, they play pranks on one another to keep the atmosphere relaxed on set.

When she’s not acting Chandler keeps journals in order to keep her healthy. There are social media accounts where she regularly shares images and videos. Every now and then, Chandler showcases her taekwondo moves on Instagram in the interest of 235,000 fans.

Chandler is a role model for young people in the area of charity. In the Christmas season of 2018, her charity, “Chandler’s Friends” partnered with Hasbro the toy company that gave gifts wrapped in wrapping to more than 300 less fortunate children.

She has a pen-pal from Ethiopia which she assists through health care. They also create blankets that are no-sew, which they give to children who are in foster care.

The young lady is yet to divulge any details regarding her relationship status to date.


They live with their German Shepherd puppy.

To unwind to clear her head, she walks around the garden.

Kinney is known for her skincare products.

Chandler is a fan of other types of exercise than the gym, however, he regularly goes to the gym.

Her most-loved makeup product is Mascara. She’s attracted by Zendaya’s look in makeup.

She enjoys cleaning, particularly when she is upset.

Her top vacation spot to visit in Tokyo, Japan.

She enjoys reading romance novels while traveling.

She encourages young people to take into consideration their future when making important choices.

Net Worth 

In the course of his dancing and acting in the mid-2021 timeframe, Chandler has accumulated a net worth that is estimated at $1.5 million, which includes revenue from collaborations with brands commercials, and personal projects. The property that belongs to Chandler Kinney remains undisclosed to the general public.