Who is Dana Linn Bailey? Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Dana Linn Bailey is an American professional fitness and figure competition athlete who is well-known around the world for being her winner in Joe Weider’s Olympia in 2013. There are a few other awards under her belt and is well-known for her Warehouse Gym training center, and her DLB Daily, an online program for training. DLB Daily.


In high school, she raced tracks and also played soccer. This led to her being awarded a soccer scholarship at West Chester University. She was a defensive player and was able to help her team to reach Play-Offs in the NCAA.

But it was during her final year at college that she began exercising, which was her primary interest throughout the remainder of her college time.

YouTube Career

Dana is also well-known on the video-sharing website YouTube Dana is also a popular YouTube user, where she uploads video content related to her fitness and career, as well as videos from her daily life.

The first of her videos “Dana Linn Bailey’s shoot with Reg Bradford” was released 11 years ago, since then, she has been uploading videos frequently on her channel.

As she became more well-known, Dana began uploading gym videos, including “Dana Linn Bailey benching at in the Animal CAGE” in 2011. In the time since she’s accumulated nearly 500,000 subscribers and their videos are watched over 100 million times.

Her most well-known video clips include “13-year-old girl Benches 240lb RAW” which has had 15 million views followed by “DLB talks about Jose Raymonds Legs at 2011 Olympia” which has been watched over 8.5 million times as well as “Secret to Great Abs” that has just 3.5 million viewers, and many other videos that have made her more popular.

Personal Life

Regarding Dana’s personal life, Dana was married to a business entrepreneur and instructor of fitness Rob Bailey.

The couple began their relationship in the early 2000s, however, there are no details about the date they got married. They don’t have any children because they’re each working on their respective careers.

Dana’s husband Rob is the proprietor of the Flag nor Fail clothing brand and is also the director of the supplement business Run Everything Labs. In addition, Rob is also a music producer and has worked together with Charlie Hustle to produce music for exercise.

Net Worth

At the time of 2021’s midpoint, Dana Linn Bailey’s wealth had been estimated at around $1 million. It was earned by her successful work as an instructor of fitness and a professional bodybuilder.