Is Gloom OK? The YouTuber’s Break Due to Health Reasons was Explained

Kassima “Kassie” Isabelle, well-known as Gloom began her YouTube journey all the way back in the year 2011. Her content has undergone many changes – what began as a lifestyle video has now become a mix of “variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary”.

Since late, Gloom is taking a absence from YouTube due to a stressful health issue was revealed. She initially stated to her fans that she would be absent for about a month but it’s been over five years since the last video. The last time she made a public appearance to Instagram was 14 January 2022 and she posted several photos on Instagram.

Gloom was a victim of a health crisis in the latter half of 2021 when she noticed an unusual lump on her chest.
On the 9th of January 2022, Gloom made her last public appearance (until another time) on her YouTube Channel in a short video that was appropriately titled “Signing Off’.

The content of the video highlighted a health scare she suffered around Christmas. Bloom remembered that the whole thing began when she noticed a red mass on the chest’s right hand during an evening that was a bit sluggish on Christmas Eve.

Due to her family’s background of the disease, Bloom was worried about the possibility of being diagnosed with cancer of the breast. She shared she was worried because her mother’s aunt also called Kassima who died from a similar cancer at an early age.

Bloom was able to have her condition diagnosed in an emergency department and made an appointment for a follow-up with the medical facility. After having an ultrasound as well as mammogram scan the doctor discovered that Bloom had a cyst inside her breast.

Although Bloom was pleased with the news of the diagnosis of breast cancer not being a factor however, she was unsure by the fact that the hospital didn’t give additional information on the exact nature of the cyst or the possibility of it leading to cancer. Therefore, she was planning on getting it examined by her family doctor. noting:

“Gloom Said I am not this emotional or reactive, however, based on my family’s history, I needed a few questions addressed. Therefore, I’m likely go to visit a family doctor, and the doctor will examine my results. If the need arises I will perform an x-ray. There’s lots of things that I’ve been very worried about.”

Bloom has decided to take off due to feeling “extremely burned out” and is planning to prioritize her personal life.
In addition to her breast cancer fears Bloom revealed that she’d thought about absconding from YouTube for a period of time. Bloom was “extremely burned out” from being too busy in the past year, despite having an impressive race.

“Said I am very exhausted and uninspired…lately I haven’t found anyone that inspires me. I’m feeling like me as well as a lot of people have done the same thing repeatedly and over over and over,” added Gloom in the video.

After her health scare Gloom had said in her own words an epiphany about the need to be more mindful of her health as well as prioritizing her overall health. Gloom declared that she would be going to take a break for a while from creating content and acknowledged her viewers for their support and loyalty. She stated:

“she also said The whole scare that I had made me realize that I need to take a break, I need to get happy with how I treat myself and my relationship towards YouTube.”