Who is Emmanuel Hudson? Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Emmanuel Hudson, perhaps better known by his professional name Kosher was born in Mississippi, USA, on 13 December 1990. His Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius and he is a holder of American citizenship. He is a YouTuber, rapper, actor, dancer, and comedian most likely best known for his and twin brother’s channel on YouTube “Emmanuel N Phillip Hudson”.

The channel was launched by the two brothers on the 25th of May, 2009, and today it’s subscribed to by more than 2 million people and has more than 260 million views on all of their videos. They’re focused on uploading comedy videos which include pulling pranks and taking on challenges.

Education and Early life

Emmanuel was raised along with the seven other siblings of Mississippi with their parents, about which nothing is known because their children are respectful of their privacy.

He began to be fascinated by comedy at a young age and was even urged by his teachers at elementary school to pursue acting as well as stand-up comics. The family relocated to Jonesboro, Georgia when Emmanuel was seven years old which is why he pursued his studies in Jonesboro.

He was fascinated by rapping and sports while at Fayette County High School and when he graduated at the age of eight, Emmanuel decided not to get a degree in college, instead of focusing on his job via the internet and getting a regular job that would allow him to support him and his loved ones.

Writing, producing, and credits for directing

Emmanuel made his first appearance as a producer and writer in the year 2017 when he produced and wrote his mini-series “Blind Basketball”, and in 2018 he wrote as well as produced”Snitchin,” a mini-series “Snitchin”. In the same year, he also got to make his debut as a director, in which he wrote, directed, and produced and directed”Down,” a mini-series “Down”.

Also in 2018, Emmanuel created”Side Chicks,” a mini-series “Side Chicks”, and later in the year 2019 he wrote, directed, and produced, 4 episodes from the mini-series “Mind of EP”.

The love life of a girl and a beautiful girlfriend. Are they gay?

In contrast to his fellow YouTubers or actor, Emmanuel doesn’t like to discuss his personal matters and hasn’t divulged details about any females (or men) whom he might have been in relationships with. That’s why there are rumors floating around the internet that claim the popular social media personality is gay.

Some fans even claim that they saw him spend time with a male that could be his lover. The evidence is not there to support the claims, nor has Emmanuel made any comments on this.

There are some who claim to have been in a relationship for a long time with their partner for over five years. However, he would prefer to keep her from media focus because of the way his fame might affect the relationship. However, this isn’t confirmed yet.

In June 2021, Emmanuel is believed if he’s single. not been married, and hasn’t had children.


The main thing he enjoys is traveling and he’s been all over the US to attend different occasions, as well as to visit relatives. He’s been to various European or South American countries, for enjoyment, and for work.

He loves watching sports on television, and he prefers baseball and basketball over other sports. He played basketball once but he walked away when he decided to focus to build his career via the internet.

Emmanuel is a fan of his braids and takes very good care of them.

He enjoys playing Uno as well as other games of cards and has a few tricks to play cards. He has shared with his fans the videos on his Instagram videos.

Emmanuel loves watching films in the late hours of the night. Some of his most loved actors include Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, and Chris Rock, while a number of his top films are “Meet Dave”, “Independence Day” and “I, Robot”.

Net Worth

In June 2021, his net worth was estimated at more than $500,000.