Who is Flamingo Roblox? Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Flamingo Roblox is an American YouTuber who gained notoriety for uploading gameplay videos from Roblox. Roblox to his personal YouTube channel, where there are millions of users. In addition, he participates in games such as Among Us, and others.


While his birthplace was New Jersey, he grew up in Sarasota, Florida, as his family relocated there when as a young child. He attended Polytechnical High School, and after graduation, he enrolled in the University of Florida, however after a few months, he decided to concentrate on his work on YouTube.


Before he came to be popular by the name Flamingo Roblox, Roblox was using AlbertStuff as his alias, however, the channel was shut down in 2017 due to his bad behavior. He often swore and even though it earned thousands of viewers, many were opposed to it and also not in line with YouTube guidelines.

In the end, his channel was demonetized and he decided to launch a second channel called Flamingo. The first video uploaded to the channel was posted on July 14th, 2017, and was titled “What is Flamingo?” It was a humorous comment on his professional life and his followers. He began uploading Roblox gameplay videos on the channel and after everyone heard about his channel, followers began to join the channel.

Personal Life

In terms of his private family life, Flaming never has discussed his personal struggles on his YouTube videos.

Flamingo Roblox

But, it’s also well-known that he’s involved in a relationship with YouTube and Twitch popular FoxKirsten who has over 600,000 followers for her personal YouTube channel, where she uploads vlogs as well as gaming videos. They’ve been together since the beginning of 2019, but they’ve been friends for many years, as childhood pals, and first met at McDonald’s!

Prior to Kirsten, Flaming was in an affair to an additional YouTube celebrity, LanasStuff, from 2015 until the end of 2018.

Net Worth

At the time of writing in mid-2018, Flamingo Roblox’s net worth was estimated at approximately $8 million. This was what he earned through his successful professional career in the field of the online creator of content and YouTuber.


Flamingo is well-known for playing Roblox, but Flamingo also plays other games. His most-loved one is “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”.

He has been a friend to many other YouTube stars as he climbs the ladder to stardom among them is Jacob Green, better known as Jayingee.

He is a good friend of the other YouTube popular character, Kaden, who plays Roblox also.

In addition to his other passions, He is also an avid skateboarder. He frequently makes videos of himself doing different skateboard tricks. Although he’s quite prolific in the sport, he’s not taken it to an official scale.

He is an animal lover and has two dogs, named Bedrock and Peach He also owns three cats, Leo, Kimmy, and Simon. He regularly uploads pictures of his animals on his personal Instagram account.