Who is Fryda Wolff? Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Fryda Wolff, an American sound engineer, and voice actress, is well-known. Perhaps you have only heard her voice on your screens once or twice, but are curious to learn more about her. Perhaps her most well-known roles include Sara Ryder in “Mass Effect, Andromeda”, Tressa Kolzione in “Octopath Traveler”, and Sara Ryder in the movie “Mass Effect: Andromeda”.

This biography explains more about Fryda Wolff.

Early life

Fryda Maria Wolff, a Gemini Zodiac Sign, was born 25 May 1982 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Fryda is American, but she is mixed-ethnic with Native American and Latino.

Her mother was born in Mexico City and then moved to the USA when she married Fryda. Fryda has no information about her parents or siblings. Alejandro Andrade, a Mexican director also known as Pease, is Fryda’s second cousin.

Fryda says she was raised to appreciate and fully experience all parts of her Mexican heritage. She spent every summer in Mexico visiting family in Central Mexico from childhood until becoming a teenager.

Fryda attended an unnamed Mexico City primary school for her 5th-6th grade education. Fryda’s high school education was at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts High School. There, future stars Ne-Yo and Baron Vaughn were also students.

Fryda Wolff, age 17, graduated high school one year earlier than expected. Fryda Wolff had hoped to become a campaign manager but was turned down by EverQuest. This led her to a successful career in the videogame industry. Fryda began gaming when she was 18, even though her parents wouldn’t allow it. She loved the game and became a geeky gamer.

Fryda studied Political Science at college. It’s not clear if she graduated.

Personal Life and Relationships

Baron Vaughn (an African-American comedian), was Fryda’s first friend in freshman year. They continue to be close friends to this day. She keeps her private love life secret.

Fryda has a family history of breast cancer. Her mother died from it at the age of 48. Fryda was first diagnosed with precancer in May 2018. She immediately conducted a triage to stop the disease from spreading.


Fryda Wolff can speak fluent Mexican Spanish

She is a strong advocate for the feminist cause and uses her platform to fight racism.

Tina Fey is her major influence and Amy Poehler is her main inspiration.

She is a strong supporter of COVID-19.

Net Worth

Fryda Wolff, 39, has an estimated net worth of $19 million as of late 2021. She worked in the gaming industry for over two decades. The voice actor has no information on the ownership of any property.