Grace Fan DeVito Bio, Early Life, Net Worth, Relationships, Education And Hobbies

Grace Fan DeVito was a New York City native, born on 25 March 1985. Her zodiac sign, Aries, is her nationality. She is an actor and a producer of films, but she might be best known as the daughter and comedian Danny DeVito, an American actor, producer, and director.

Education and Early life

Grace was raised in New York by her father, Rhea Perlman (an actress), and her younger sister Lucy Chet DeVito. She was born on 11 March 1983 and Jacob Daniel DeVito in October 1987. Grace was born to parents Grace and Rhea Perlman on 28 January 1982. They divorced in October 2012. Grace was reunited in March 2013 and then again in March 2017. Grace chose to stay close friends and not get married.

Grace was inspired to act at an early age by her parents, who were actors. At a local high school, Grace was very interested in running track, gymnastics, and creative writing. Grace decided not to go to college after she matriculated in 2003. Grace wanted to concentrate on her career.


Grace is extremely secretive about her love life and has not spoken to any men or women she may have been with. However, there are rumors that Grace is a married woman who keeps her husband out of the limelight.

Some people believe Grace is asexual and don’t want a partner. Grace prefers having many friends over having one.

Grace has not commented on these rumors. As such, as of December 2020, Grace appears to be single. She hasn’t been married.


Grace is passionate about volunteering and charity work with organizations like World Vision and United Way. Grace is passionate about animals and supports People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

She loves to travel and began her journey when she was a teenager, traveling to many states in the US with her parents. Since then, she has been to almost every state and even to Europe a few times.

She has her own favorite actors and actresses. Some of them include Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Natalie Portman, and the late Robin Williams. A couple of her favorite movies are “Patch Adams”, “Meet Dave” and “Leon: The Professional”.

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Net Worth

Her net worth was estimated at more than $100,000 as of December 2020. the net worth of her father has been estimated to be around $80 million.