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Godfather’s Child Find out more about the 50+ godchildren to Prince Philip, including a music singer, fashion blogger, and even a used car salesman!

A PRINCE Covid restriction has reduced Edward’s guest list from over 800 to only 30.

However, the Queen, her four children, and their eight grandkids will leave no place for his hundreds of godchildren.

He was the godfather of more than 50 young people before his untimely death, at the age of 99.

Ex-Beatle, car salesman and self-destructive businessman are all on the list.

As Her Majesty’s “Custodian of a Romanian Crown” while Gordon Green was dating her, the Prince considered her as among his godchildren.

She is Philip’s late Romania cousin, Michael I.’s oldest daughter.

When Michael I died in 2017, Prince Philip acquired Margareta’s “father figure,” according to the Romanian Imperial Family’s website.

Some of Prince Philip’s godchildren had a more personal connection with him than others, and this was no exception.

For their well-connected parents, however, the chance to have Prince Philip as a father for their children was too good to pass up.

The Beatles invited Louise Cordet to join them on their tour in support of her sole chart-topping single, “If I’m Just a Baby.” This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her.

Philip was friends with Hélène Cordet’s mother, a Greek cabaret star. As of this writing, Cordet, the daughter, is 76.

Helène’s parents aided Philip’s parents when they were deported from Greece in the early 20th century.

For example, she starred in the 1963 play Just for Fun with legendary radio DJ Jimmy Savile.

Alexi Murdoch is a well-known singer and composer in his own right because of his mother’s influence.

For a long time, Philip was thought to be the real dad of Louise’s brother, Professor Max Boisot, whom Philip had as a godchild.

Speculation arose as to why Philip was paying for Max to attend Gordonstoun School, considering the late Duke had gone to the same school himself.

As a result of Hélène refusing to divulge Max’s biological father, some suspected Philip was the biological father of the boy.

He formally disproved in 1996 the myth that Max’s French airman father was married to Hélène’s second husband.

After leaving Gordonstoun, Max went to Cambridge to pursue a degree and became a professor of strategy formulation at ESADE school of business in Barcelona.

He died of cancer in 2011 just at age of 67.

We lost a loved one in a tragic accident.

In contrast to his bond with Hélène, Philip had a strong relationship with Gina Wernher, a second relative of the Queen.

She has a godfather in Harold Phillips, her husband. In addition to Nicholas, she had four more songs with him.

Because of his financial predicament, Nicholas took his own life in 1991.

He was 43 at the time.

A used-car salesman named Philip Howard-Johnston strikes an unexpected agreement with someone who regards the Duke de Edinburgh as a godfather: the Duke of Edinburgh.

Howard-Johnston, the grandson of Douglas Haig, is a very well British World War One military figure.

He created Edinburgh’s Howard-Johnston Cars in 1969 and is the proprietor of that business.

Despite having a high-profile relationship, the firm’s website claims to provide vehicles for “all incomes and preferences.”.

Through his status as godfather to the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip Lawson Johnston, the royal glass engraver has gained a Royal Charter for his work.

The Oxfordshire-based glass engraver is the son of 2nd Lord Luke, former chairman of Bovril & close friend of Prince Philip.

Philip Johnston’s father, Lawson Johnston, was acquainted with Lawson Johnston’s father, who formed Fields in Trust to protect parks and open spaces.

Despite only having seen the Duke a handful of times, Lawson Johnston is certain he was given the name “Prince” after him.

The Thursday Group, Philip’s depraved lunch club that included Equerry’s daughter, was a favorite among fans of The Crown.

As his secretary and equerry, the Duke introduced Commander Michael Parker to the aristocracy’s exclusive society.

When Parker’s daughter Julie was born in 1948, Prince Philip consented to serve as godfather to the little princess as soon as she was born.

Parker resigned from his position as Philip’s perfect guy ten years later when his relationship with Julie’s mother fell apart and he divorced her.

The two remained close friends even after the actor died in 2001.

a proponent of a no-cursing campaign

Princess Margaret’s marriage to Lord Snowdonia in 1960 included Annabel Cope as a bridesmaid, and not simply because she was Philip’s goddaughter.

After Simon Rhodes was ejected from Zimbabwean in 2000 due to Mugabe’s rule, she took him into her house and hosted him for a while.

The “Swear Because You Care” campaign, which she started in 2016, was aimed at raising money for a charitable cause.

Those who fail their New Year’s resolution to refrain from cursing can donate to Northumberland Lodge, a non-profit that assists persons with impairments in learning and living on their own.

He is the codebreaker’s son.

Before he married Princess Elizabeth in 1947, Philip had a lover named Osla Benning.

He was romantically involved with a Canadian debutante throughout World War II.

Benning worked at Bletchley Park at the time.

Benning married Michael Henniker-Major but divorced Philip after the war.

Since The Duke accepted to be the grandson of her child Mark, there was no way the two of them could have been feuding.

Despite being 53 years old at the time, he lost his battle with cancer in 1974.

The interior design-focused blogger

In addition to being his godson, Prince Philip’s first cousin twice removed is Ashley Hicks.

Philip Mountbatten’s uncle Louis was slain in 1979 by the IRA, and Hicks, now 57, is his wonderful.

Hicks, an architect and interior designer who also writes a blog, has created fabric and furniture lines.

For £925 apiece, you may purchase one of his hand-painted resin obelisks.

Before her marriage to polo player Howard Hipwood, Prince Philip’s son Prince Charles dated Charles’ ex-wife Camilla Fane.