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Rhian DeSouza, who dated adolescent expelled from the classroom

It was discovered that a school principal had inappropriate contact with her 44-year-old mutual acquaintance’s 16-year-old lover after she was caught with images of her lover on her phone by the local education department in Cardiff DeSouza’s disciplinary tribunal heard how she had inappropriate relationships with Rhian DeSouza after she was caught with images of her lover on her phone.

The girl who wasn’t a pupil at her school sought help from her when she needed it.

When DeSouza appeared at Swansea Crown Court in August of 2018, he admitted he had taken two unauthorized photographs of the child.

DeSouza was sentenced to two years of community service after her conviction.

At the Education Workforce Council’s hearing, DeSouza was barred from teaching for at least two or three years and six months.

Abhorrent Conduct’

Stephen Powell, who presided over the case, said that DeSouza had been headmaster at Gellionnen elementary school in Clydach, Swansea, for more than five years before the hearing.

It was alleged that the girl’s mother became worried when she spotted text messages on her daughter’s phone and called the police.

The committee felt that DeSouza’s conduct was unacceptable for a registered person.

The contact between the girl and DeSouza was interrupted following her imprisonment in late 2017 and early 2018, according to Mr. Powell.

DeSouza’s actions “amounted to a significant divergence from the norms required of her,” Mr. Powell said.

“DeSouza was a Seasoned Professional who Should have known Better.”

DeSouza’s continued registration as a person is incompatible with the behavior identified.”

Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Gellionnen in Swansea was forced to dismiss Rhian Eleri Desouza after being convicted of sexual assault at Swansea Crown Court in September 2018.

After the mother of a kid filed a complaint, police detained the 44-year-old and confiscated electronic items, including a Samsung phone.

Two images of the victim’s kid, one from Category A and the other from Category C, were found in the file. Not a student of Desouza’s school.

At an EWC fitness to practice hearing on Wednesday, Desouza volunteered to obtain a “voluntary ban” that would have permanently struck her from the teaching register – even though she had given an address in Llanelli at the time of her court case.

At the hearing, it was revealed that Desouza became the school’s headmaster in 2016 and that the victim gave him the photos in 2018.

A year ago, she was expelled from a school in Wales because of her erratic and unruly conduct.

She had already conceded before the EWC that her convictions amounted to poor professional conduct, even though she was absent from the hearing.

In a statement, Steve Powell, the panel’s chairman, stated that Desouza had violated the fundamental principles and had harmed registered persons and the teaching profession.

She departed from the professional and personal conventions expected of her,” he said.

A competent practitioner who had known what was appropriate, her actions fell well below the standard required of her.

This “behavior was deemed incompatible with Ms Desouza’s cont. inured registration” by the committee.

Desouza was officially placed under a voluntary restriction and removed from the teaching roster.

In three years and six months, she will be able to apply to become a licensed person, but she will have to appear before a fitness for practice committee to present her case.

When Desouza learned that getting the photos was unlawful, she was “mortified,” and she pleaded guilty to two counts of creating an obscene picture of a kid at the earliest opportunity, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Two years of community service and 200 hours of unpaid labor were ordered for her. She was also placed on a five-year sexual harm prevention order.

Sentencing Judge Paul Thomas QC, “This is an extraordinary confluence of circumstances,” he said. For the first time in my many years to deal with indecent photographs of minors, I’ve seen anything like this.

Several people in the area have voiced their displeasure, and it’s understandable.

“Any parent would be appalled by this,” says the author.

According to his reasoning, this instance was different from everyone else since this girl had given her permission to be photographed and was beyond the age of consent.

The judge added that if you hold two photos, you’ll “no doubt” lose your job and career. “I don’t know how you can ever teach again,” he added, expressing his doubts.

Her sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl was legal since Rhian Desouza was above the age of sexual consent.

There’s also no breach of trust since the girl had not been a student of Desouza or attended a school he had worked at.

Despite this, the law was breached since the Safety and Security Act of 1978 prohibits the making or transmission of pornographic images of anybody under 18.

In other words, she had committed the crime since she obtained the images through a Snapchat account.

Her lawyer argued that this case was an “anomaly” because of the unusual circumstances, and Desouza agreed to the charges at the first chance.

To take indecent pictures of someone over 16 but not to have a sexual connection with them is the rule. Because of its peculiarity,’

As far as Judge Thomas was concerned, the consented was only likely to result in a jail term.

“My immediate thought was that I was going to be sent to jail for having obscene images of children,” he told Swansea Crown Court on Thursday.

After learning the truth, ‘the situation has completely changed.’ he said.

“The girl was 16 and had a consensual relationship, which is completely legal.”

Is the link clever, decent, or appropriate? That’s another question.’

‘However, this is not a court of morality, but a court of law.'”

Desouza wept and was comforted by family members as she left the courthouse.

We would want to reassure parents that the court hearings do not relate to any student, past or present, at any school the person has taught,’ said the primary school and Cardiff council in a joint statement.

Her suspension was put in place as soon as we discovered that the police were investigating her.’

The instructor, whose face was seen in court, was sentenced to 200 hours per month of labor and registered as a sex offender for five years.

The mother-of-two, happily married, has also been dubbed a “pillar of the community.”

Scarface Ltd is Desouza’s media firm, and her husband Mike works as a digital photographer and owns the company. Desouza sings in a local chorus, and Mike runs.

He has worked as a production accountant in both television and film.

Social media ranks Mamma Mia! as one of his notable achievements. Now It’s Time for The Mumm Ya. has been around for almost five years now.

Desouza, of Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, has been head of the Welsh-speaking school – technically known as Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Gellionars.