Who is Ice JJ Fish? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Daniel McLoyd, the stage name Ice JJ Fish, born on July 30, 1994, in Aurora, Illinois USA, is a musician, web DJ, and personality who became a household name in 2014 because of his smash hit song “On The Floor”. With a height of 5′ 8 inches (1.70m) and weighing around 165lbs (75kg), Daniel has been in the business for a long time because of his changing style and thus gaining his fan base.

Daniel’s Love Life

Despite frequently expressing his thoughts on relationships and love, be it through his music or via social media, Daniel hasn’t been romantically associated with anyone. In a tweet from July 2021, the singer wrote that “I want peace, the comfort of love and.

I’m not interested in anything having to have to do with love” which indicates that he’s seeking an intimate relationship at the moment. In a separate Tweet, Daniel added that “there is no true love in any relationship unless God is involved with it”.

Social Media Feuds

As with any hip-hop or R&B performer, Daniel was soon enmeshed in online battles with his fellow artists.

In October of 2017, the social media star made a statement on a YouTube channel that he would “take Drake’s style and make it better” which led to a furious response from Canadian hip-hop star’s fans who believed that he was serious.

In December, two months later the”so-called “King of R&B” lashed at Lil Yachty and accused him of taking his music However, Lil Yachty merely responded with a series of emojis laughing and didn’t take the matter further.

Before this event, Daniel released a mixtape in August of that year titled “LilJJFish” under his label IceJJFish Entertainment. The cover of the mixtape Lil Yachty sported his distinctive red braids.

At this point, the excitement surrounding IceJJFish was waning but that did not stop the self-proclaimed artist from uploading regularly new music.

The album he released his first studio album, “Sea Sick”, was released in March 2019, and was shortly followed by the mixtape “My First Love”. The artist shocked the world with his choice to switch to gospel music. It may have been influenced by Kanye West performing the same thing.

Net Worth

After having released a number of mixtapes and albums over the years Daniel’s net worth has been estimated at about $200,000.

The low estimate could be due to lengthy absences that the singer has had throughout his career, releasing no new music for several months at a stretch, and the absence of consistency in the development of his reputation.

The good thing is that Daniel continues to sell merchandise and also earns YouTube royalties, which means his net worth is likely to be increasing.