Jane Russell Measurements, Bra Size, Bio, Height, Weight, And Shoe Size

Jane Russell may be a Hollywood legend and the top actress. She began her journey to success by modeling. Then she became famous when she made her film debut in Outlaw Outlaw of 1943. In the following years, Jane obtained parts in the Paleface, His quiet Woman, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, plus 20 more films.

Also, in the gospel group dubbed Hollywood Christian Group, Russell was a singer and also began her career in the industry by appearing on a number of television shows. She also co-founded Russ-Field Productions Company. The year 2011, Russell let go of her final show due to a respiratory condition.

Jane Russell got popularity for her curvaceous physique, not her acting abilities. Her curvaceous body was a sex icon of the 1950s Monroe era and she was a competitor.

The lady was very happy with her figure and did not want to be slim as she believed that a sex symbol could not be slim. To stay in good shape, Jane took ballet classes in swimming, and tennis, and played hula hooping as well as archery and skiing to stay sharp.

But she doesn’t eat three large meals per day, which includes meat, as she follows an exact diet plan.

Beautiful naturally dark brunette hair the famous actress is not colored for a specific job. Additionally, since she is an older woman who is getting older, her hair remained naturally gray.

Check Out Body Measurements of Jane Russell

These are the body dimensions of this beautiful and gorgeous actress:

Jane Russell Body measurements: 38-24-36 inches

Jane Russell Height: 5’7”

Jane Russell Bra Size: 34D

Jane Russell Weight: 59 kg

Jane Russell Shoe Size: 8

Date of Birth: 21st June 1921

Jane Russell Eye Color: Hazel

Jane Russell Hair Color: Natural brunette

Jane Russell Nationality: American

Jane Russell Horoscope: Cancer

Jane Russell Spouse/Boyfriend: John Calvin Peoples (m. 1974-1999), Bob Waterfield (m. 1943-1968), and Roger Barrett (m. 1968-1968).