What is The Name Of Ken Boyd, And Who Is He?

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Ex-South Melbourne player Kenneth John Boyd is an Australian rules footballer born on March 6th, 1938. (VFL).
South Melbourne thirds player Boyd made the transition to the senior squad in 1957 after a successful career as a ruckman. In the VFL, he was known for his rough style of play, and he played for five seasons.

Boyd was suspended throughout his VFL career thirty times because of his repeated infractions with umpires.
He was engaged in two fights with Mike Delanty during South Melbourne’s week 15 match against Collingwood in his rookie season.

He was suspended for eight matches due to his two-game strike and four-game disrespect of the umpire bans.
In 1958, he only managed to participate in 10 games due to various injuries, but in 1959, he was able to play in 14.

After punching Essendon’s Hugh Mitchell in 1959, he was banned.

In 1960, Boyd featured in 17 of South Melbourne’s potential 18 games when he initially joined the club.
John Heathcote & John Nicholls were both assaulted by Boyd in the closing quarter of round four. For each offense, he was given a three-week suspension.

At Princes Park, South Melbourne and Carlton clashed for the 2nd attempt in round 15, pitting Boyd again against Nicholls.
The emergency umpire claims he witnessed Boyd hit Nicholls, but he lacks the power to make a complaint.

A VFL inquiry committee was constituted in response. Nicholls was pushed to the ground & left with a concussion as well as a lacerated cheek after Boyd threw a punch earlier this week.

He claimed Nicholls retaliated for having previously kicked him on a center bounce. On Monday night, the South Yarra ruckman welcomed his first child into the world.

Even though Boyd missed the next match due to injury, he could play in South Geelong’s round 17 encounter against Essendon.

His defense team questioned the committee’s legality and brought the matter to the Supreme Court, where Chief Justice Edmund Herring rejected the case. After the season, he was banned for twelve weeks, and he resigned.

While competing for Wangaratta Pirates in the Ovens & River Football League, he had to wait until mid-season to make his mark because of his suspension from the VFL. In 1964 & 1965, as a player-coach, he guided the Rover to two championships.
Wangaratta was suspended for eight weeks in the 1966 preliminary final after Boyd was charged with two hitting offenses.

As a result of Boyd’s decision to retire and his chronic back problem, he said he would be returning to Melbourne to work. When he returned to South Melbourne as a selector in 1967, he profoundly impacted the team.