Who is Nick Faldo’s current wife, Lindsay De Marco?

Lindsay De Marco is best known as the fourth wife of Nick Faldo, who is a famous English professional golfer and TV commentator. He was a top player of his time and renowned for his devotion to golf He was ranked as at No. one on the Official World Golf Ranking for an entire 97 weeks.

Additionally, born in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, Faldo “became hooked” in golf at when he was 14 years old. His professional accomplishments include 30 wins from the European Tour and six major championships including Three Open Championships (1987, 1990 1992) and three Masters (1989 and 1990, and 1996). Who is Nick Faldo’s current wife, Lindsay De Marco?

Lindsay De Marco, Nick Faldo’s Current Wife

When Faldo was 21years old, He met his first spouse, Melanie Rockall. They got married in 1979, however, less than 5 years after, she discovered that he was cheating her with his secretary at work, Gill Bennett. “We were happily married for eight months,” Faldo told of his marriage to Rockall.

The divorce of Rockall from Faldo occurred prior to his big championship win, and the settlement was minimal. He got married to Bennett in 1986 and they have three children: Natalie, Matthew, and Georgia. After Faldo made the move to his home in the United States full-time on the PGA tour in 1995, Bennett stayed in England.

The couple’s marriage ended in the year that followed Faldo’s relationship with 20-year-old American golfer Brenna Cepelak. Gill Bennett later stated that the three children of the couple were coerced to stay clear of any possible conflict with Faldo’s professional life. “Socially, he was a 24 handicap,” she stated of Faldo.

Faldo’s three-year relationship with Cepelak was ended when he met Valerie Bercher. The the Cepelak famously hit Faldo’s Porsche 959 with a golf club, and reportedly caused damage of up to PS10,000. When Chris Faldo was coaching at the University of St Andrews, his wife Bernadette had a meeting with a tennis professional known as Dominic Bercher.

In 1998, at the European Masters golf tournament in Switzerland the two first met. The time was 1998 and Bercher was employed by IMG Sports Marketing. She left her boyfriend Olivier Delaloye and married Faldo in July of 2001 in an extravagant ceremony at the Windsor home. Emma Scarlet is their daughter. In May 2006 it was revealed that Faldo declared divorce.

After their wedding ceremony at Kensington Palace had to be delayed because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Faldo married his fourth wife Lindsay De Marco in December 2020 in the Florida Keys.

Lindsay De Marco’s Age

What is the age of Lindsay De Marco? Her exact birth date is unknown. She is in her 50s. She has American citizenship and is of mixed ethnicity.