Who is Lochlyn Munro? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Lochlyn Munro, who was once a hockey pro is a well-known Canadian actor, perhaps for his performances in movies like “A Night at the Roxbury,” “White Chicks,” “Scary Movie” and “Freddy VS Jason” among others.

Early Life And Education

Lochlyn is born Richard Laughlin, Murano, in the Aquarius zodiac sign on the 12th of February, 1966 situated in British Columbia, Canada, which means he’s 55 years old by 2021.

Richard’s name is derived from Scotland. Scottish Highlands – he’s of Swiss and Scottish descent. He’s hidden the identities of his siblings and parents out of the spotlight however it is well-known that he grew up in a middle-class household and was financially strained from time to time.

In the course of an interview, his most important idol is his father, who stood up for his family and children even when he was in a difficult financial position. The nephew of Munro is a famous Canadian musician Patrick McWilliams.

Lochlyn hasn’t revealed which school he attended However, he is known to have been physically active throughout his time in high school and played hockey with a number of Minor league clubs. He graduated at the end of high school in the year 1985 however it’s not known when he was enrolled in college.

The Lac la Hache-born superstar had a dream of becoming an experienced hockey player. He was also keen on water skiing when he was growing up. He suffered an injury to the femur that was serious at the age of 18 old. The injury shattered his hopes because it rendered him inactive physically. After the unfortunate end of his career as a hockey player, He bought himself a guitar and began learning how to play it well.

He also studied acting and improv comedy, and also had the chance to meet and learn from several of the world’s most popular actors in the showbiz world and including Susan Strasberg, who came into the spotlight for her role on “The Delta Force” action film with Chuck Norris.

Munro performed in tours throughout the British Columbia province and made a living from entertaining people with live music at nightclubs in Vancouver while he was studying. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, California, which is where he began auditioning for television and film roles in the 80s.

Personal Life

Lochlyn has been married for a while to Sharon Murano whom he met in the mid-90s and then began an intimate relationship prior to their got married in June 1997. The couple has had two children; Hudson, a son. Hudson and a daughter Magdalen.

The couple appears to be living happily together and there are no evidence of separation or divorce and regularly posts pictures of the couple on their Instagram account.

He posted a family picture on his Twitter account and captioned the photo with the words that his family is first to him, and is his top priority. He has not been involved in any extramarital or public controversy He is an ideal husband and father who has admitted that his children are the most important thing to him. In the interview, he stated that his fatherhood has taught him unconditional compassion and love.’

Murano is currently residing in Los Angeles but spends time in Vancouver because of his filming commitments.


Munro likes to watch films and TV shows with his family.

He enjoys reading fiction novels.

Laughlin received the gold medal for his participation in the BC Summer games for his amazing water-skiing abilities.

He started his first job working in Lac la Hache at the age of 13 working at an auto stop pumping diesel.

Though he’s been able as a police officer in the majority of the films that he’s appeared in, Munro revealed that his dream was to play the role of a “bad guy.”

The actor from Vancouver is known to be terrified of rats.

Net Worth

Munro has amassed a significant net worth since he’s contributed to more than 100 television shows and films. According to reliable sources, Munro’s net worth could be approximately $2 million by 2021. Munro also earns income from sponsorships, advertisements, and endorsements.