Luisa D’Oliveira Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Luisa D’Oliveira was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in the month of October 1986. Her Zodiac Sign is Libra and she has Canadian citizenship. She is an actor who may be best known for her role as Emori in the cult science-fiction show “The 100”, created by Jason Rothenberg, which ran from 2014 until 2020. The series was a comedy that starred Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, and Marie Avgeropoulos, and follows a gang of criminals that are brought back to Earth in a spaceship, 90 years after the nuclear war that caused destruction to the planet. The series was awarded the series nine nominations and won 38 more and won an Emmy. Primetime Emmy.

Education and Childhood

Luisa was brought up in Vancouver along with the other brother Nate through their respective parents. but Luisa was able to keep both parents out of the media’s scrutiny and there is no information about them.

She began to be attracted to acting during her time in high school and was asked to be in a variety of films made by students at college – Luisa was also interested in other activities other than acting at the time, like dancing, science, and singing. When her parents encouraged her to get a university degree, she started studying science in the year 2006, however, she decided to drop the course to concentrate on her acting career. she said “it was not creative enough for me and I came back to acting fairly quickly’.


Luisa is very private about her relationship status, but it is widely known that she is engaged to the musician Jez Bonham since the year 2014.

The two are said to have met in a bar while Jez performed with the band and was introduced to each other through a mutual friend. He has also been an actor who has been in a variety of films including the shorts “Power Infidelity” and “What Doesn’t Kill You”, as well as”Battle Castle”, a documentary series “Battle Castle”. Jez along with Luisa has been dating for approximately six years and she often uploads pictures with them together on her Instagram account. A few of her followers believe they may have exchanged vows but it’s still not proven.

As of December 2020, Luisa is in a long-term relationship with Jez Bonham, isn’t married, and doesn’t have any children.

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Luisa has been a lover of music since she was in her teens and was a child who listened to hip hop and old-school rock However, she also was fascinated by classical music – she is now able to play the guitar as well as the piano.

She enjoys cooking in her spare time and is keen on eating healthy food – Luisa’s preferred food is Italian Her preferred drink is wine.

She’s keen on traveling and her acting profession has brought her to numerous Canadian cities, as well as she’s also visited several US states like New York, Texas, and Florida.

Luisa can name her top actors and actresses, a few of whom include Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, and Will Smith, while two of her top films include the franchise “Harry Potter”, “Leon: The Professional” and “I Am Legend”.

Net Worth

As of December 20, 2020, her net worth had been estimated at more than $1 million.