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Enjoy Free HD movies on Mooviesflix

In present times, almost everyone entertains themselves by watching movies, web series, and TV shows. In the last ten years, web series have increased manifold, so movie buffs won’t want to miss any series or movies. They are crazy and love to watch every new series and show. But it’s difficult to find such a platform because everyone can’t afford a streaming website with premium video or watch every movie in the cinema. Moviesflix is a site that offers a long list of movies, series, documentaries, and TV shows.

Furthermore, people don’t want to go out to enjoy their chosen films. They prefer to relax on the couch and enjoy their favorite video at home. Now movies lover start searching for a site that allows to watch or download free movies. This article is just a piece of information because there are strict laws against those who share and download the pirated version of movies and series. This website is an illegal act. Watching, downloading, and sharing from such websites is not recommended at all. But, millions of people in the world are still using it.

About Moviesflix

This website is actually a torrent/piracy website that permits to watch or download web series, movies, and tv shows for free. This site offers a wide collection of Bollywood, Hollywood movies; even it has a collection of 40 years of old released pictures. The series, movies, and shows are present in many formats. The cracked versions of old games that played on PC are available too.

It looks simple but works in a modest professional way so a novice can easily use this website. It features the old English/Hindi and latest movies as well. It also has all the latest web series releases on other sites like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, The CW, and Hulu.

There is a diverse range in quality and file size of movies. These videos are available in different formats; the user can choose the quality according to their desire.

Popularity of Moviesflix

Despite being a bootlegging website, it is famous worldwide because of providing download links to website movies, documentaries, TV shows, and web series. It has a significant collection of films from different categories and language.

Moreover, this website provides a free service for downloading and watching. Here no debit card, credit card details asked from you because there is no need to spend money. To free watch/download is the reason behind its popularity.

Genres of Movies on Moviesflix

The site is sorted in a highly professional way that a tab on the site’s front page refers to the genre tab. In this tab, movies are grouped based on genres; a person can easily find a movie of his or her interest. Various genres are categorized in this tab, such as adventure, action, animated, crime, comedy, horror, sci-f, mystery, fantasy, etc.

TV series and Shows are also sorting on the basis of their types. In the TV Show list, the site has adventure series, action seasons, crime series, comedy series, horror seasons and drama series, etc.

Variety of features

This site is user-friendly; you don’t need to be an expert to use it. Every video is just one click away. One can easily use it and watch movies without any fatigue.

If you are busy and don’t want to waste your time, you can easily download your desire movie and enjoy it later in your free time.

Few folks enjoy watching documentaries on different genres. This website’s high point is that it’s not restricted to just movies; documentaries and TV shows are also available in a complete list of videos.

A video’s quality is the main feature of every film; it has a 360p to 1080p range of quality. A movie lover can enjoy a movie in a different resolution or download it in high quality to watch later.

Movies are available in different sizes like 4k Ultra HD, 300mb, 700mb, 1GB, 480p, 720p,1080p etc.

This website is an updated version, so no bugs and viruses on this site to harm your devices. There is an extremely low risk of crashing as compared to other torrent websites.

This website has a fast server that helps to watch a movie outside any disruption or pauses. You can enjoy a smooth video without any break.

Due to its small size, this site does not cause a low memory pop-up as it does not take a large portion of storage space in the device.

What We most Like
  • Very simple to use.
  • No heavy loading.
  • Easy access to every movie
  • Categorized all movies, documentaries, and TV series.
  • Wide variety of web series and movies to watch.
  • No bugs, updated version of the website.
What We Dislike
  • Non-availability of the movie title.
  • The diverse range of qualities.
  • Different file sizes.

Download from Piracy sites is Legal or Not?

This platform is the same as the torrent, which is illegal to use. It is banned in all countries because, in such websites, uploaded data is stealing without the owner’s permission, and they suffer a lot. A person can be imprisoned or charged with a hefty fine as it is the copy-right act.


Although many people visit this website on a daily basis, it still has repercussions because of its pirated content. However, the content of this website is bootlegged, so this is illegal to use such sites.

According to most of the countries’ laws, if one is found guilty of this lawbreaking because of piracy’s illegality, they can be punished. So be careful and use your judgmental skills before visiting or using this kind of website.

Why are these websites considered prohibited? Because of every latest release available on the website, this is one of the main reasons. So, users prefer to watch movies free rather than spend their hard-earned money on expensive cinema tickets. Hence producers face massive losses due to its uploading on different websites of the latest films.

Steps to Download Movies from Moviesflix

The procedure to download your favorite videos from this website is effortless. If a beginner doesn’t have any knowledge, he/she can also download it. Here are a few simple steps for downloading movies:

Firstly, you have to search the website in the search engine, then press the enter key.

Among search results, the website link is on the top of the screen. You just double-click on the link, and you’ll directly reach the main page of the site.

There is a search bar on the front page; now, you can search for a movie you look-for by using it. There are many categories available on the website’s front page to choose your favorite film.

After searching for a movie, the desired film is on the screen, the user clicks on the movie icon, and a new tab will open up.

Now, the user has a choice to watch or download a movie. This page will have the option of downloading this movie. Tap on the chance to start downloading, and one can watch or save it till he gets bored.

Latest / Hit Web Series and Movies on Moviesflix

This platform is known for providing the latest and popular releases foremost than any other site. This website is a hub of Hollywood movies; hence you can find every movie. A person can watch the latest web series or films right after releasing that in cinemas. Check out this list of the latest movies leaked on this website:

Emily In Paris
Scoob (2020)
Money Heist
Too Hot To Handle
Betaal(Web Series)
Born To Race
Bad Boys For life
The Way Back
Birds of Prey
Never Have I Ever
Outer Banks
Tekken 2
The Grudge

Nearly every web series available here that releases on other streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In the tab of web series, you can Watch/Download any web series; even Hindi dubbed seasons are available on this site.

The New Link of Moviesflix (2020)

Regardless of multiple efforts by authorities, these piracy websites create new different domains. This site has been hosted by several domains like,,,, etc. In 2020 the latest one is working as or

Similar Websites

In present times, the internet is flooded with illegal piracy websites. These are the best alternatives of moviesflix that offer various Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional movies in HD. A person can enjoy a movie online or download it for free time entertainment. Some sites are mentioned below:
Yes Movies
9X Movies
Solar Movies

Why It’s Good to Avoid Using Torrent/Piracy Sites?

Data leaks without the approval of real content makers, and they face huge losses. Using such sites may ruin your computer. For your safety, here we recommend you avoid the usage of piracy platforms and watch legal sites like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc. In this way, a movie lover can free yourself from any loss.

Legal Alternatives of Moviesflix

It’s not always possible to watch films in theaters, so there are premium apps/websites to watch/download movies. There is always a good option to watch shows, seasons, and movies rightfully on paid streaming apps.

Nowadays, the latest movies get released on these streaming apps within a few weeks of cinematic release. To stay away from banned websites, we recommend these apps because they are legal and safe.

Here are a few legal streaming apps:

Amazon Prime Video
Sony Crackle


Moviesflix is considered as a nervous system of pirated movies and notorious for its illegal use. We all know that such sites’ use leads to punishment, so everyone should condemn its use. In the presence of several legal sites, one should avoid the usage of such websites. If someone is hurry to watch, he/she should go to the theaters or some other legal websites.

Firstly, we suggested watching movies in theaters. If you have any inquiries regarding this pirated website, feel free to share your thoughts. I’d glad to assist you.