Natalie Krill Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Natalie Krill was born in Saskatchewan, Canada on 4 February 1983. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius and she has Canadian citizenship. She is an actress and retired dancer who has been featured in more than 40 TV and film productions She’s probably most for her performance as the lead character, Jasmine in the romantic film “Below Her Mouth”. The film is directed by April Mullen, also starred Erika Linder and Sebastian Pigott, and follows two women who are in love. It was nominated for a Golden Trailer Award for Best Romance Poster.

Early Life And Education

Natalie was born in Saskatchewan along with their twin brother Nick Krill, by their mother Rose who was a professional dancer, and their father, who would rather be kept out of the mainstream media.

Natalie was advised by her maternal aunt to embark dance lessons, and started taking classes at age six. initially focusing mostly on ballet. Later, she began moving into jazz and tap dance. She began to be attracted to acting after enrolling in North Battleford Comprehensive High School. Her drama teacher encouraged her into acting in school plays.

When she graduated in 2001, Natalie relocated from the United States to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to begin working on her acting career instead of seeking a college degree. In the following four years, she saw in a variety of stage plays which including “42nd Street”, before she took her acting career to the screen.

Family And Life

Following the fact that Natalie was the character of a lesbian in the film “Below Her Mouth”, reports began to circulate on the web claiming she was an actual lesbian too. Natalie then spoke in an interview in which she stated that she’s open to the idea, but she wouldn’t identify herself, because she believes that love is just love regardless of another person’s gender.

It’s been reported that she was involved in relationship with Erika Linder who was the actress with whom she appeared in “Below Her Mouth”, however, this hasn’t been confirmed.

In contrast, since the year the year 2016, Natalie has been involved in a relationship with her Estonian engineer Daniel Kannimae. Daniel and Natalie have been seen in the company of Natalie’s fans at numerous times and have both posted photos of themselves on the Instagram accounts. On the 8th of December, 2020 Natalie gave the birth of their son.

As of August 20, 2021, Natalie is in a relationship with Daniel Kannimae. She hasn’t got been married and has a son who is with Daniel.


Natalie is very active on Instagram because she seems to be enjoying the attention she’s received from her over 90,000 followers. She’s posted close to 800 photos, the majority of which were captured in her daily life.

The summer months are her most favorite because she enjoys being near the lake, and also within it. Natalie is an avid swimmer.

She’s a lover of travel and acting. Her acting profession has taken her to some US states in addition to several European countries. Her dream trip destination would be Kyoto in Japan since she’s fascinated by Japanese traditions.

Natalie practices yoga and meditation regularly She seems more concerned with her mental health, rather than physical health, however she has an attractive physique.

She has her own personal favorite actors and actresses, a few of them include Russell Crowe, Will Smith, and Julia Roberts, and a few of her top films include “A Good Year”, “A Beautiful Mind” and “I Am Legend”. She also enjoys watching sitcoms and her most-loved show is “Friends”.

Net Worth

As of August 20, 2021 her net worth is estimated at more than $1.2 million.