Peter Gadiot Bio, Early Life, Net Worth, Relationships, Education And Hobbies

James, Theresa’s right-hand man, is a familiar face to anyone who loves “Queens of the South”. Peter Gadiot, a British actor, is also well-known for his role in the movie “Once Upon A Time in Wonderland”.

Early life, Family, and Education

Born in London on the 2nd of January 1986 under the Zodiac sign Capricorn. He is a mixture of British, Dutch, and Mexican heritage. He is now 35 years old, and he holds British citizenship. Peter was born to Jules Maria Johannes Ignatious Gadiot and Aurora Gabriela Nava Gadiot. His father is from Denmark, and his mother is from Mexico.

James was the youngest of three siblings. James grew up in London and showed an early interest in football and modeling. However, at the time, it was not something he considered.

James was an unruly boy who was responsible for many of the behavioral problems that led to him being a negative influence on the other children in the academy. That’s why he was fired. He also sustained injuries from the sport that rendered him unable to continue his football career.

He began to take an interest in politics and chemistry after completing high school.

Peter’s life was a different story. At 17 he moved to a new house with his family. A neighbor’s son auditioned for a drama school and Peter decided to do the same. He auditioned and realized it was the right choice for him. He signed up for six weeks of training, feeling even more confident in his new career. As a student at the Drama Centre London, he took part in many stage productions and began auditioning for roles on TV and in movies.


Peter began his career on screen with a small role in “My Spy Family”. He then appeared in a few other TV shows and foreign movies in different genres such as “13Hrs”, The Forbidden Girl, “The Fresh Meat”, and others.

In 2013, Peter made his American network debut on ABC’s “Once Upon Time In Wonderland”. He played the role of Cyrus in the fantasy TV series. His name was instantly recognized and he gained a lot of fans from girls.

He was featured in 13 episodes. However, despite receiving positive reviews, the show was canceled in 2014. He also landed the role of Caesar in the American TV series Matador. The show was canceled due to a lack of international success.

Peter was a guest star in the 2015 Canadian-American miniseries on the life of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamon. In 2016, he played the role of James Valez, the main character in the crime drama “Queen of the South”.

He won the Imagen Foundation Award in 2017 for the role of the best supporting actor. It is an adaptation of the Telenovela “La Reina Del Sur”, which is another adaptation of the novel of the same name by Arturo Perez Reverte. The premiere episode aired on 23 June 2016. It has four seasons.

Production was originally stopped due to a worldwide pandemic. Fans are eagerly awaiting news about the new season, particularly after the conclusion of the fourth season which left many wanting more.

Peter is currently working on “Queen of the South”, and “Supergirl”, the American super-hero TV series. The six seasons of the American television series have five seasons, with the sixth due to air sometime in the 2021 mid-season.

Personal Life

Peter is very private about his private life and there is not much information. Peter appears to have never been married. It is not known if Peter has been involved in any other relationships.


Peter stands 5ft 11ins (180cm) and weighs in at 165lbs (75kgs). His eyes and hair are dark brown. Peter is a charming charmer, who seems to have won many women’s hearts. He is an active alpinist and keeps his body in good shape with regular exercise and expeditions. Peter is a charming charmer, even if we consider his British accent.

Peter is a naturalist who loves to travel to remote and unexplored places. Peter is an avid climber and often posts photos from his Instagram stories of climbing expeditions. Peter enjoys sailing and hiking, as well as climbing mountains.

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Net Worth

His net worth is $1.5 million. He earned it through his acting career, especially his role as the Queen of the South, and was able to continue his active lifestyle of adventures and expeditions.