Programming the PMI80-F90-IU-V1.

This product shouldn’t be used in situations in which the wellbeing of an individual is dependent on the capabilities of the device. This is not a security component as described in the EU Machinery Directive.

Sensor versions.

The F90 direct position estimation framework is accessible in 2 renditions. In the PMI80-F90-IU-V1 form, the position estimating framework sends current and voltage signals relative to the place of the damping component at the results. The PMI80-F90-IU-V1 form offers a current sign as well as the choice of educating in two exchanging focuses straightforwardly at the sensor freely of each other at the press of a button, which is then shown on two exchanging yields. Two extra LEDs show the result conditions of the two exchanging yields.

Programming the PMI80-F90-IU-V1.

The back of the PMI80-F90-IU-V1 sensor has two little, marginally recessed press buttons for programming the exchanging focuses. The buttons are stamped educate in and S1 for exchanging point S1 and S2 for exchanging point S2.

To instruct in an exchanging point, continue as follows:

  • The position discovery damping component should be put at the significant position, for example, the changing point that you wish to instruct in.
  • Press the comparing press button for something like two seconds.
  • The related exchanging state LED begins blazing to demonstrate that the sensor is currently in “educate mode”.
  • Press the button again to affirm the applicable exchanging point.

The exchanging state LED then, at that point, illuminates continually as long as the damping component isn’t moved. The exchanging point is presently instructed in and the related exchanging guide changes toward a functioning state inside an actuator change scope of ± 1 mm around the showed exchanging point.

Damping element.

The straight position estimation framework is adjusted flawlessly to the calculation of the damping components presented in the item range.

Installation and operation.

Instructions on installation.

  • Flush establishment is conceivable
  • To expand the estimating range, units from the – F90 straight position estimation framework can be associated in series (both behind and nearby each other) without a base distance.
  • The base distance between the estimating field (outlined region on the sensor front) and mounting base or mounting components on the damping component should be 3 mm.

Operating information.

The predetermined estimation exactness is accomplished with an actuator distance of 1 to 3 mm. Assuming the damping component leaves the estimating region.

  • The last substantial worth is held at the voltage yield (PMI80-F90-IU-V1 just) until the damping component enters the legitimate region once more.
  • The last substantial worth is held for 0.5 seconds at the current result (various types). The result then, at that point, changes, to say the least current of 3.6 mA until the damping component enters the legitimate region once more.
  • The exchanging speakers are set to an essential state after 0.5 seconds (ordinarily open).

Defining the measuring range / measured position.

The deliberate placement of the damping component (actuator) depends on the portion of the width (the focus of the actuator). The estimating range starts and completes when a large portion of the width of the actuator covers the estimation field set apart on the sensor when the actuator makes a longitudinal development.