U-Bend tubes

Every U curve field within our reach is examined by the help of our team of highly skilled experts on each segment of introduction . This allows us to provide our customers with deformity-free, first-class high-quality products.

  • OD 9.5mm – 38.1mm
  • WT as much as 6.35mm
  • Twisting radii 1.25 x OD as much as 1700mm
  • Twists may be furnished as in keeping with TEMA R/ASTM SA/A556
  • Leg period as much as 15000mm
  • Heat remedy in which anticipated via way of means of electric powered furnance or direct obstruction
  • Hydrotesting as much as 10,000 psi

Tubes for warmth exchangers are made from metallic as indicated via way of means of:

  • EN 10216-2: P235GH
  • Commotion 1629: St 37.zero
  • Commotion 17175: St35.eight, 15Mo3
  • A/SA179, metallic grades acc to widespread


We supply an elite scope of U-Bend tubes which can be recognised for his or her primary fine and notable usefulness.

After U curve (bloodless shaping), warmth remedy of twisting piece is probably required. Temperature is managed thru the entire hotness dealt with vicinity via way of means of constant and handy infrared pyrometers

Standard for U bend Tubes.

The semi-finished object for U twist tubes are warmth exchanger tubes, made and furnished via way of means of DIN 28180 and ASTM A179.

U band dimension capability.

At gift Sunny Steel has offered the hardware for introduction of the accompanying object variety:

  1. Carbon and Alloy
  • ASTM A179
  • ASTM A213 T11
  • ASTM A213 T12
  • ASTM A213 T22
  • ASTM A213 T2
  1. Ferrite

  • TP 410
  1. Austenite

  • 304/304L

Heat Treatment.

We are organized to finish hotness remedy of curves further to a base 150mm of leg.

Heat Treatment Equipment.

Heat remedy tools is PC managed with the extra workplace of facts recording.

An argon shielding atmopshere is applied interior natural and particular composite cylinders in the course of warmth remedy.

We can deliver a huge variety of toughening; association tempering and strain alleviating.

All cylinders are sliced to the predetermined leg lenghts, closes deburred and the bores are interior wiped clean with dried air.

Tube leg length.

On account of U-tubes, the period of the cylinder legs as anticipated from the vicinity of intersection of the curve and the cylinder leg to the furthest restriction of the cylinder leg, will now no longer be now no longer precisely specified, but may also surpass the specified values via way of means of the sum given right here underneath :

Leg period [mm]

Up to and incl. 6000 mm : – zero/+3.2 mm

North of 6000 mm to 9000 (incl) : – zero/+4.zero mm

North of 9000 – zero/+ 4.eight mm


  • Any type of urgent is available as in keeping with consumer want to normal objections.
  • In strong open or close timber containers relying objective.
  • Each % is safeguarded with plastic sheets.
  • Clients can deliver their very own urgent or Salem can installation a urgent association.
  • Point via way of means of factor packings statistics are appended to timber instances to present fast and clean recognizable evidence of substance.
  • Any form of urgent is available as in keeping with consumer want to normal objections.

With strong wooden shape container urgent via way of means of holders stacking and transporting.

The benefit of the shell and cylinder configuration cannot be overlooked. Every unit accompanies:

  • Associations that are available normalized sizes for easy collecting and thing more string and floor coverage for smooth establishment
  • U-twist tubes ventured right into a tubesheet which bear in mind tube traits and withdrawals due to heat changes.
  • Gaskets which are made from super packed filaments which loans to reusability.
  • A widespread solid iron or metallic head for rock strong administrations (moreover reachable as an additional part).
  • Saddle joins which make for immediate and easy mounting.
  • Punched puzzles with negligible clearances among tubes making sure proper liquid circulate and restrained sidestep
  • A welded shell safeguarded with first-rate paint for erosion opposition.
  • Copper metallic tubes which think about strong, hard execution over a huge scope of uses. Interesting cylinder organization format (chevron ridged design) limits save improvement at the rims and improves media circulate for excessive pace circulate disturbance.