Royce Pierreson Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Royce Pierreson was born in Cornwall, England, on 1 April 1989. His Zodiac Sign is Aries and he is a holder of British citizenship. It is an actor who is perhaps best known for his performance as Istredd as portrayed in the Netflix fantasy series “The Witcher”, created by Lauren Schmidt, and which includes Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, and Yasen Atour. The show is on air since the year 2019 and is about Geralt of Rivia as a witch who travels around the world looking for monsters to eat. The series has received nominations for awards in two categories.

Family And Education 

Royce was born in Cornwall and hasn’t had a conversation about his siblings, or his parents, preferring to keep his personal issues to his own.

He was fascinated by acting at a very young age, however, he was advised by his parents who encouraged him to concentrate on his education, and earn a degree from a college. Royce attended Saltanesh Community School and was one of their best students. Upon being admitted to the college in 2007 Royce began his studies at City College Plymouth, but in 2011, he graduated with an undergraduate degree at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.

Relationships and love life

Royce is very secretive in regards to his relationship status, however, it is known that he’s been involved in a relationship for a long time with a girl who isn’t famous, Natalie Herron.

Natalie is most well-known as his girlfriend of Royce but has a psychology degree from Stockholm University in 2014. Stockholm University in 2014, as well as two additional degrees in communication and media, and behavioral psychology. Natalie is a keen swimmer who was employed in Stockholm Simskola & Babysit as an instructor in swimming, but she made a major change and relocated towards Svensk Internet, working as their selling agent. She’s also worked for ICA as a clerk in the store as well as in the position of Unionen to be their lawyer for employment.

As per Royce’s Instagram account, the couple Natalie has recently been engaged.

Royce hasn’t discussed other girls he could have been with, which means that in December 2020 the actor is currently engaged to Natalie Herron, hasn’t married, and has no children.


Royce is known to spend a significant portion of his time exercising at the local gym, which results in muscles being strong, and he’s maintaining an extremely strict diet. Royce is a member of several sports with his pals like soccer and is also interested in cycling and riding horses.

He’s a dog lover and in June of 2020, he took an eight-week-old puppy home. He named it Rey and it is seen in a variety of Royce’s photos on Instagram.

Royce is a lover of travel and his work as an actor has brought him to a variety of European countries and to various US states. He’s recently visited Brazil which is located in South America – many of the photos he took during his travels are posted to the account of his Instagram account.

Royce is a fan of his personal favorite actors and actresses. Some of them include Robert De Niro, Matt Damon and Natalie Portman, and his most cherished films include”The Godfather” trilogy “The Godfather”, “Good Will Hunting” and “V for Vendetta”.

Net Worth

As of December, 2020 Royce’s net worth was estimated at $2 million.