Six Reasons You Should Invest in BFIC Network

The BFIC Network is an evolving infrastructure that allows for real-time crypto mining via smartphone staking. The network functions as a system in which a large number of users work together to earn “legitimate crypto income.” Innovation Factory, a Fintech firm that develops financial solutions, created the platform. To establish the first digital banking and economy model, Innovation Factory built an entire ecosystem. Mining cryptocurrencies has been a popular trend all over the world.

Some people have turned it into their sole source of income generation. However, mining cryptocurrency requires the use of supercomputers as well as high natural resources. The cost is relatively high and the rewards are nominal. Innovation Factory wanted to change this narrative while saving natural resources and still being able to benefit from mining. 

What more is there to offer?

What sets the BFIC Network apart from the many other platforms that promise to offer smartphone-based crypto mining solutions? Why should you choose BFIC Network above others? The solution is straightforward. The BFIC Network is based on a blockchain, and BFIC coins can be mined. These are real-world cryptocurrencies that can be bought, sold, or traded. What more is there to offer?

BIC has already proven to be a head-turner in the crypto industry. There is a community of loyal followers that are impatiently waiting for BFIC to launch. Innovation Factory is working tirelessly to bring its mission to life. They are collectively working on multiple projects to create the digital ecosystem. Some of the prominent projects are BFIC, BFIC Mainnet, XchangeOn, 1st Investment, and BFIC Network. I have listed down six solid reasons for you to invest in the BFIC network and not miss this opportunity of endless growth. 

Smartphone Crypto Stake-Mining

The BFIC Network app offers a user-friendly UI that makes it a fun experience for everyone. Even a non-technical person with no prior knowledge of Blockchain technology can easily sign up and begin mining BFIC. All you’ll need is a smartphone and a desire to make money. You can use the referral link provided or your desired credentials to sign up. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Daily logins yield regular rewards. You can keep track of the session expiration and simply hit the power button to start mining. BIC network has simplified the process of income generation through mining. 

Blockchain Technology

The BFIC Network runs on the BFIC Third-Generation Blockchain. It is the fastest and most secure mobile mining network to date, with a transaction speed of over 100,000 transactions per second. With maximum speed and security, generate “real income” in the form of “valuable” BFIC coins with your smartphones. Lighting fast speed guarantees quick results and maximum security. Third-Generation Blockchain technology is geared with incomparable security features that make it nearly impossible to tamper with. 

Team-Based Rewards

To receive team incentives for mining BFIC, invite members, and form teams. Keep in touch with your team members at all times using the Team Chat function to motivate and encourage them. You can interact with any inactive team member and ask them to become more active and contribute to team rewards. BIC believes in teamwork, hence they have introduced this feature so that multiple people can benefit at the same time. Send your referral links to your friends and family and build up your team. 

Availability of Proof of Rewards

The BFIC Network App keeps you informed and up to date at all times about your incentives. You can easily keep track of your staking and reward activities by using a check and balance system. With a single push on the Download PDF button, you may simply download the generated statements. All records are highly secure and only accessible by the concerned party.

Access to News and Media Portals 

Keep up with the latest news and information from the BFIC Network and its ecosystem. All of the most recent videos, blog pieces, and social media posts on the Network may be found on the News & Media portal. This allows you to learn more about the ecosystem’s most recent features or important initiatives.

Potential to Grow

Just like all other projects by Innovation Factory, BFIC Network is well thought-out and has massive potential to grow in the future. The crypto industry is well prepared for such innovative and beneficial projects. BIC Network is a community-based project and BFIC is seeing rapid growth in its community. It has the potential to grow exponentially in the coming year. BIC Network is an easy to use App designed to cater to all kinds of people who are looking to maximize their investments.