Who is Soni Nicole Bringas? Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Soni Nicole Bringas has been an American actress and dancer probably most well-known for her performance as Ramona Gibbler in the Netflix show “Fuller House”. While she’s been an actor, however, she has built an extensive fan base due to her dance career.

Many are interested in knowing the person Soni Nicole Bringas is, as well as the values she adheres to. In this biography will you will find more about her life and professional career.

Early Life And Education

Soni Nicole brings as was born in the sign of Aquarius on February 2, 2002, located in Portland, Oregon USA. Her mother is born in Barcelona in Spain and her son’s father is from Montevideo, Uruguay, so Soni is of Caucasian origin.

Growing up in a multi-cultural family allowed Soni as well as her younger twin brother Paul to their diverse Spanish and Uruguayan culture. However, this did not adversely affect the relationship in the Bringas family.

Soni’s parents have been enthusiastic about her ambitions. When they saw that she was interested in dance, her mother began enrolling her in dance classes. Her commitment to and growth in the art of dance made her stand out from the crowd and soon she began performing in front of large audiences.

When Soni was eight years old the family moved to Costa Rica and lived there for a year. They then relocated back to the US and made their home in Los Angeles.

The Bringas They haven’t revealed the school Soni Nicole attended for her primary or higher education, but it’s believed that she’s graduated from high school and may continue her studies in the Arts College.

Soni said that she has taken dance classes at various studios like Millennium Dance Complex, Edge Performing Arts Center, International Dance Academy, and Movement Lifestyle All of them are located within Los Angeles.

It’s apparent that the Bringas children were born to the arts. Soni’s brother, Paul is a musician as well as she expressed appreciation on Twitter to him since he introduced the singer to American rapper Logic’s music. She also said that ever since she couldn’t keep listening to his music.

Personal Life And Relationship

Despite being subject to public scrutiny from an early age, thanks to the guidance of her parents Soni is able to live a private life. At the time of the article, Soni Nicole is single and hasn’t announced any romantic interests in anyone as of yet.

Mrs. Bringas is an athletic person, who likes to do martial arts in her free time. She also posts gorgeous photos of her family and friends on Instagram which is her most-loved social media platform. She has built her Instagram account from scratch with almost one million followers who keep herself up to date.


Teddy Forance is her favorite dancer.

She enjoys horseback riding to relieve stress, and she also enjoys swimming and soccer.

Her top foods include sushi along with chocolate, potatoes, and cheese.

She enjoys having fun with her friends in her free time.

Making music videos using TikTok is an activity she enjoys.

Soni Nicole is fluent in English as well as Catalan.

Net Worth

In mid-2021, Soni Nicole Bringas has an estimated net worth of $550,000. This has which has grown due to her dance performances as well as acting performances in commercials. It is not yet clear information about her personal property to the public.