Sophie Arvebrink Personal/Early Life, Bio, Career, And Net Worth

Sophie Arvebrink is a famous fitness model, trainer, and Instagram star. She is known to post more photos and videos of her workouts on her Instagram and increase her followers in a short amount of time.

Sophie has also been a model for various magazines and fitness brands such as Zaria Fitness, FemCompetitor, Vanquish Fitness, Gymshark, and EHP Labs. Sophie is among the most sought-after fitness trainers today and will provide fitness instruction to numerous people every day.

The Early Life of Sophie Arvebrink

Sophie Arvebrink was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and there’s no record of her parents’ names. However, her father is from Thailand and is a professional athlete. Her mother is Swedish and is an elite athlete. There’s no information available about her siblings and there is no information on whether she has siblings or not.

According to sources indicate, Sophie is the sole daughter in her family. Sophie didn’t have a passion for sports during her time at school. She also did not want to be a part of any team she is not participating in any sporting competitions.

Sophie was born into an athletic family, however, she did not show any desire to play sports and her parents did not pressure her to participate in sports. Sophie was raised in her hometown of Stockholm with her parents.

Sophie Arvebrink Education

Sophie Arvebrink attended a local high school in her hometown of Stockholm and, after graduation from high school Sophie was not happy with her body which is why she made the decision to join a gym.

She joined a fitness center in Stockholm and started doing weight-loss exercises. She is more interested in fitness and training and has begun her fitness training career however she chose not to pursue her studies further.

Sophie Arvebrink’s Private life

The 7th of September in the year 1991. Sophie was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and she will be 30 in 2022. Sophie is always keen to keep her secrets and will not divulge all of her private details to the media and the public.

Sophie was not very active in fitness and sports after she graduated from high school. She was extremely thin, and was unhappy with her body type and took the plunge to join the gym. Sophie’s parents let her join a gym near her home after which she began lifting weights.

Sophie Arvebrink’s Net Worth

Sophie Arvebrink was a famous Instagram model, star, and fitness instructor and her professional career began at the age of 22. It is believed that she has an estimated net worth of $500,000 roughly.

The above figure is only the estimation, however, the actual figure could be greater or less than the actual amount. Her net worth is expected to increase in the coming years because she provides fitness trainers to a lot of people at the gym. Additionally, she is beginning to act as an image for brands.

Sophie Arvebrink Relationship

Sophie Arvebrink is single and living her life happily. There are a lot of reports that she was involved in an affair with a gym instructor for about a half year.

Then, they split apart due to a number of issues. She was also involved in a relationship with an individual in the gym however, Sophie didn’t officially disclose any details about her relationship, and she’s still single.