Sunrise Coigney Personal/Early Life, Bio, Career, And Net Worth

Sunrise Coigney is an American actress. She is most well-known for her role as wife to well-known actor Mark Ruffalo who acted in the Avengers series as the handsome hunk. Sunrise has also been in films such as Campfire, 100 Centre Street as well as In The Cut.

She’s been involved in only the films she has appeared in, but in the end, she had to leave to look after the three kids she has. Sunrise also runs a fashion interior design shop and previously ran an enterprise that dealt in jewelry.

The Early life of Sunrise Coigney

Sunrise is a native of San Francisco, California, the United States of America. She has a father named Joel Coigney, and he was born in French Then there’s no information on the name of her mom. However, her mother is from an American country There is no information on her parents’ jobs or siblings.

It is not known if her siblings are or not, and she didn’t reveal any information about her siblings. Maybe she is the sole child in the family.

Sunrise was a child who lived between Paris as well as New Orleans. She also visited her grandmother on her mother’s side during her early years, and was as a decorator at San Francisco. She is living in a modern apartment and Sunrise loves it very much. Sunrise didn’t want to indulge in luxuries in her early years and always wanted spending time in the company of her dad.

Sunrise Coigney Education

Sunrise has not shared any details about her educational qualifications , such as high school name as well as college’s name and the degree she earned. It’s not clear if she graduated or not.

Sunrise Coigney’s personal life

Sunrise Coigney was born on 17 September 1972 located in San Francisco, California, the United States, and she is 49 at the time of her 2022 birthday.

Sunrise is not going to divulge any personal information regarding her personallife and will always try to keep her private information to the press and public. Sunrise always has an individual style of clothing and prefers more modern fashions of clothing.

Sunrise Coigney Net worth

Sunrise is believed to have a the net worth of 1.5 million, which is estimated by 2022. Additionally, she is enjoying the net worth of her husband, which is 37 million.

There is no information regarding her exact annual earnings. Sunrise is enjoying a luxurious life with her family, husband and children. The estimated amount could be lower or higher than that actually paid.

Social Media of Sunrise Coigney’s

Sunrise isn’t on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter since she doesn’t want to share her private life with other people. She focuses mostly on the development of her children while spending more quality time with her children.

Sunrise Coigney as an Actress

Sunrise first appeared as a character in Campfire Stories in 2001 in the role of Michelle who is the French accent. Then, she appeared in the TV series 100 Centre Streets as Monica Robinson from 2001 until 2002. Then, in 2003 she acted in part in the movie In the Cut, and later, she was a part of the television series Line of Fire from 2003 until 2005. Following this, Sunrise decided to quit her acting career because she was determined to spend time with her family.

Sunrise Coigney Relationship

Sunrise has been in a relationship Mark Ruffalo since 1998. They met due to their common friend at the time they first met. Mark isn’t an actor, he’s just a normal man. After that, they were in a relationship for 2 years before getting married in the year 2000, with their friends and families.

In 2001 their first baby, named the son, was born which they called him Keen The 2nd daughter came into the world in 2005 with the name Noche. In 2007 the couple was blessed with their third child and gave their child the name Odette. The couple is now Sunrise Mark and Mark are the proud parents to three kids.