What Did Taylor Walker Actually Say?

Taylor Walker aka Tex Walker is exiled from the AFL for racial discrimination.

Not just ban, but he must also contribute to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program and participate in an education program, and speak to the staff and players in Crows as well as North Adelaide on a private basis.

The well-known and popular athlete Taylor Walker is pulled into an incident of racism after his use of improper language and passing on his racist views to a North Adelaide player.

What Did Taylor Actually Say To Robbie Young?

How Crows Star Taylor Walker actually said to Robbie Young still remains unknown at the moment.

It is apparent that even branded websites have not been able to find out the racial remarks Walker actually give to an athlete.

In a comment on Reddit, authorities have learned that Taylor employed racial and insensitive words, but the real contents of the post could not be figured in North Adelaide.

It was also discovered it was said in the Adelaide huddle, away from the players. The remarks are still vague and unclear.

Taylor Walker Racist Comments And Reddit

The majority of people are eager to know more about the truth about Taylor Walker’s racist remarks because no concrete information has been made public.

A few Reddit users shared their shocking thoughts about Taylor’s comments, while others wrote about being the real Taylor. One user said that Walker was known to write rude and savage Tweets via Twitter.

In response to the hurtful remarks made about Robbie, Taylor publicly issued an apology in writing. He apologized to the offender and the official who first reported the incident, his family of the Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Islander community, and the clubs involved.

After releasing an apology, Silvers came out in the support of Taylor and pledged to stand up against this kind of racial discrimination.

In addition, as the spotlight has been shifting to racial discrimination in the field of sports, support for Indigenous athletes has also been increasing since then.

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Taylor Walker’s Wife And Children

Taylor married his wife Ellie Walker in March 2019.

More details about his spouse Mrs. Walker professionally involves as an interior designer and stylist. Taylor is the father of two adorable kids Hugo as well as Louis with his lovely wife Ellie.

The athlete can be seen sharing personal moments from his life including photos of his spouse, parents and children.