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Anthony Darnell Big Meech Melton was born on the 6th of December 1968. He is currently in hiding as a wanted man. Black Mafia Family was described by Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Hogan as one of the most violent criminal groups in America that were responsible for more than twenty murders in the period 2006-2009 in a single year.

Furthermore BMF members BMF were involved in trafficking drugs at that time. According to federal authorities, they were responsible for more than two-thirds of the sales of crack cocaine across the country.

The members of BMF sold tens of millions in dollars’ worth of merchandise each year. Federal authorities discovered $1 million worth of cash in an Atlanta mansion that was used for BMF members.

Big Meech Married?

Although Big Meech has never confirmed or denied that he is married, there’s no record in the public domain of him getting married. But that does not mean that he isn’t. perhaps just choosing to not mention it on social media.

The year was 2015 and Business Insider reported that the couple was in an 18-year affair in a relationship of 18 years with Stephanie Hicks; however, Hicks claimed that she was not involved in the affair through the lawyer she employed in an interview with Business Insider and also claimed that she was not involved in any crime whatsoever.

Who is Big Meech Wife?

Although there aren’t any formal reports of Meech ever getting married, that does not mean that he isn’t or was never in the love of his life. There’s no reason for us to believe that as one of the most famous drug lords in Atlanta there isn’t an affair at some point.

If we can, we ought to take into consideration Big Meech’s living proof that love is possible even in extreme circumstances. For we can only speculate that Big Meech may have discovered real love in Rikers Island throughout his stay or some other thing.

Does Big Meech Wife Die?

Thankfully his wife Mia Ferguson confirmed that they remain together despite all the recent issues. When news broke about the latest arrest of her husband and arrest, several media publications reported that she had requested divorce with her husband, but according to documents from the court that were obtained from The Daily Mail which listed the status of various high-profile cases, there is no evidence so yet to suggest there is any evidence that Ferguson is filing any papers.

There have been no reports of any kind that confirm that Big Meech’s wife passed away during their absence in the past couple of years. This is reasonable given how frequently her husband is visiting her since 2011 when the prison began to be used for his sentence. Georgia State Prison in Reidsville.

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Big Meech Career, Profession & Lifestyle

BMF was BMF is an Atlanta Street gang from Georgia and a drug-related organization that was established in 1994 by the brothers Demetrius (Big Meech) and Terry Flenory.

The organization gained fame because of its alleged multi-million dollar illicit drug trafficking enterprise known for its ties to murder and violence and its lifestyle of boasting riches through luxurious cars large houses, extravagant cars, and costly jewelry.

Flenory was detained in April 2008, following an investigation of two years into his company and was sentenced to 6 years of prison. In 2015, Meech has stepped down from Hip Hop music after releasing five albums in the independent company BME Recordings; with roughly 1 million sales the albums. Meech briefly returned to hip-hop in 2017, before resigning permanently to focus on his family life.