The Best Websites to Watch Movies Online

In these days, when you’re in search of entertainment, it’s difficult to avoid watching films. Here are the top sites to stream films on.

1.) Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon offers a variety of films that you can download or stream for no cost to Amazon Prime members ($99 per year). Amazon has a variety of current television shows, well-known older shows, as well as classic kids programming. Amazon provides free access to magazines, books and music. Select from a huge selection of titles across all genres including the most recent Hollywood releases, as well as indie films that you’ve seen in film festivals foreign language films that are favorite classics, obscure gems from independent film that you’ve always wanted to watch but haven’t ever had the chance get to, action-adventure thriller sci-fi comedy, romance films and more.

2.) Netflix

Netflix is an American worldwide streaming service that is available on demand Internet streaming media service, which offers a subscription service. It allows streaming on the internet of a huge collection of television and film shows, including in-house productions. In addition, it offers unique original programming (such as the critically-acclaimed ” House of Cards ” featuring Kevin Spacey ). Five people can stream simultaneously at $7.99 per month, but there are several plans with more streams simultaneously at a given time for various monthly costs. Once you’ve subscribed to this service there aren’t any advertisements or commercials in your time of viewing, making the experience more pleasurable than films on the television or going to the cinema. This means you won’t need to wait for the program to finish before you can take a second look.

3) Hulu

Hulu can be described as an online streaming service that is free to stream movies and TV shows on the internet. There is no need to sign up or pay any fee. It’s got a huge selection of the latest Hollywood films as well as popular TV shows on channels such as FOX, NBC, ABC, SyFy, ION TV and numerous others. It is operated by several American media conglomerates that try to expand it to the world, including Australia. But, as with everything else there are still hurdles for this service to conquer outside of the US (like the issue of copyright). However, it’s definitely worth a look if you need something different than Netflix.

4.) Crackle

Crackle is an online retailer of short films that are original, Hollywood movies, and TV shows. It’s free to stream with advertisements. You can also purchase or rent digital copies. Crackle is famous for its Jerry Seinfeld Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

5) YouTube

YouTube is a great alternative for those who want to stream non-fiction and documentaries videos on the internet. It is a massive collection of videos, so there is bound to be something you’d want to stream whenever you want. Through this program, there’s no requirement to sign-up or pay additional charges which makes viewing effortless and easily accessible.