Top 9 (Free & Paid) Alternatives for Google Analytics to Get Your Site Data

Google Analytics is the most reliable tool for monitoring your website. But, it gives website data within certain limits. Are you looking to move beyond Google Analytics? Do you want to have detailed information about your website’s strengths and weaknesses? You’re not alone. 

What does Google Analytics not tell you?

GA is an influential tool for tracking user behavior and traffic. But, it won’t mention why a trend is occurring in the online market

Will looking at traffic data the whole day help you get insights about it? GA doesn’t specify why there was a drop or rise in your organic traffic. You require other tools to monitor this. 

Many crucial things need deep consideration. GA doesn’t give direct insights on these:

  • What are the possible errors in Landing pages? 
  • Is there any unnecessary 404-page error leading to an increase in bounce rates?  
  • There could be many external factors governing the website rankings, like the entry of a new competitor. 
  • GA will not tell you what exactly a customer is looking for on your website. 

But, it is not like that you can’t find approximation or Guesswork with GA data. Sometimes, it is better to contact Google Analytics experts to make your digital marketing a smooth road. It will help you drive your business engine efficiently.

Top 9 Alternatives for Google Analytics to Audit your website

GA requires months to understand it completely. It provides data in a concise form with lots of terms. So, it is not a beginner-friendly tool at all. 

Sometimes, GA uses so many algorithms that sometimes it provides inaccurate and unwanted results. It has many unexplained and unpredictable changes. Thus, it is better to go for other options. 

1 Heap

Heap is the best analytics platform to illustrate your client’s journey. You need not be tech-savvy for using this tool. Also, it will give you advanced analytics for websites, mobile applications, SaaS, and other cloud computing services.


Free plan available Growth, Pro, and Premier for other details.

2 SEMrush

SEMrush is a valuable tool for getting web traffic data, the latest competitor’s trends, and proper keyword research. 

Further, you can analyze traffic and link juice from multiple sources with backlink profiles. SEMrush gives you details about your user’s behavior and brand fondness. 


It comes with three plans PRO, Guru, and Business, starting at $119.95 per month.

3 Ahref

Ahref is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps you improve your rankings on SERPs. Further, it helps you get higher organic traffic. You can conduct deep keyword research. 

Also, it is easy to track traffic for building backlinks, check their authority and reputation. It gives you a dashboard view of intense crawling and SEO performance issues.


Ahref webmaster tools are free for site auditing and exploration. Otherwise, it has four plans: lite, standard, advanced, agency, starting at $99 per month.

4 Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is the best platform for lead and customer analytics. Do you know it is necessary to monitor leads for optimizing conversion rate and other marketing options? 

You can track which companies are visiting your site, even if they are filing subscription forms or not. It gives you their contact information to pitch sales.


The free plan is available, and the full access plan starting at $63 per month.

5 Piwik Pro Analytics Suite

Piwik is authenticated tool that takes care of your privacy. Are you looking to handle sensitive information? With Piwik, it is reliable to track government data, finance details, and private health-related data. 

Further, it is best to keep security information. It even provides you training and consulting with proper customer support.


Free account is there with enterprise paid plans.

6 Gauges

Gauges provide you with real-time analytics on users visiting your website and their metrics. It is super easy to use, understand, and track data.


Gauges come with a 7-day trial option. Its plan starts at the minimal price of $6 per month.

7 Smartlook

Smartlook is a user interest and behavior tracking platform. It is suitable for websites, apps, and games.


The free plan is there, and the paid plan starts at $39 per month.

8 Matomo

Matomo is a privacy and security-oriented tool. It has users all across the world.


Matomo offers a free trial period and paid package at $19 per month.

9 SE Ranking

SE ranking is the best tool for keyword research, track organic traffic, and visualizing content performance on web pages.


The plan begins at $31 per month


In short, GA is a beneficial tool to get data required for making your website SEO-friendly. But it provides missing or unwanted information with many complex terms. Do you want to get more insights and opinions on your website traffic data and user behavior? GA analytics alternatives will make your job easier. For this, you can refer to the helpful tools mentioned above.