Who is Warren Buffet’s Wife? Career, Net Worth, Bio, And Personal Life

Astrid Menks is a Latvian-American philanthropist and former cocktail waitress who is married to billionaire business mogul Warren Buffett. She is the daughter of a Latvian immigrant and the granddaughter of a Latvian immigrant.

After spending a significant portion of her childhood in her native Latvia, Menks relocated to the United States in search of the typical American dream. While working as a server at a cocktail club in the 1970s, she had the opportunity to meet Buffett for the first time.

In a strange coincidence, his first wife, Susan Thompson, had earlier restarted her career as a nightclub singer at the same venue where he was now performing. Thompson then chose to go to San Francisco in order to further her profession, and she delegated responsibility for Buffett to the other members of the club.

Eventually Menks emerged as the most dependable of the three of them. Her first act was to bring him soup, and after a year, she moved in with him. In the years that followed, Buffett, Thompson, and Menks developed a complicated working relationship.

He never divorced Thompson, but he did have a romantic involvement with Menks at one point. As Buffett rose to become one of the world’s wealthiest people, Thompson was appointed to oversee his charity organisation.

Menks, on the other hand, looked after him at his residence. Thompson died in 2004 at the age of 76. Menks and Buffett were married two years later, after having spent almost three decades together before that day.

Following his success in the business sphere, Warren Buffet Buffet has become a household name. Little or nothing is known about Astrid Menks while he enjoys the limelight’s attraction.

Astrid Menk and Warren Buffet’s marriage has been dubbed one of the most unusual celebrity unions in the United States because, despite the fact that Buffet never divorced his first wife, he began a second relationship with Menks in the late 1970s.

For four years, the couple lived together before ultimately tying the marriage. The three of them had to practise a lot of tolerance and understanding because of their unusual living situation.

Three parties signed Christmas cards, according to Buffett.

Buffet and Susan began living together in 1977 and during the whole time they were married, they never discussed getting a divorce in public.

An Account of Your Life

A Latvian couple gave birth to Astrid Astrid Menks in 1946. A person who values privacy, she hasn’t revealed much about her family background, personal life, or the relationships amongst her sisters in the public. She came to the United States as a child in pursuit of better opportunities.

When she arrived, she made her home in Omaha, Nebraska, doing odd jobs to make ends meet. Astrid hasn’t revealed much about her educational background, but you can tell just by looking at her that she’s a well-educated lady.

In the ’70s, she worked as a server in a café and a high-end nightclub in Nebraska. Susan Thompson, Buffet’s first wife and a singer, was a frequent performer at the tavern when she worked there. After 25 years of marriage, she was still married to Buffet.

They became close, and she was ultimately introduced to Buffet as a result of their friendship. When Susan’s music career took off, she decided to go to San Francisco and leave her spouse in the care of her friends, including Astrid. Susan’s husband was devastated.

Buffet’s friendship with Menks became stronger, and she eventually moved in with him. Amazingly, the three of them were able to maintain their normal lives throughout. Far from being a household name, Menks has always maintained a low-profile life.

Net Worth

While it is known that Menks is still alive, there is little information available concerning her professional life.

However, since she has not provided any financial information to the media, it is currently impossible to determine her net worth at this time. Because we discussed it previously, we are aware of her husband’s identity.

They were married in a low-key ceremony presided over by a judge, Patricia Lamberty, who presided over the ceremony. They will be joined by a few other guests, as well as Buffet’s children and Astrid’s sister.

They do not have any children of their own, though. Susan’s children have been adopted by Menks. The Omaha World-Herald was given permission to publish a storey on the event. Since then, the pair has been living a happy and fulfilling life together thus far.


She enjoys a luxurious Latvian lifestyle, which is especially important given her marriage to the owner of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Because of their strong bond, Astrid and Warren’s relationship has endured since 1977.

She became close to his three children — Peter, Susie, and Howard — that she became their confidante. Following Susan’s death in 2004, the pair made the decision to begin their lifelong partnership.

On the occasion of Buffet’s 76th birthday, the couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Menks was 60 years old at the time of their wedding, and the storey of their union captivated the tabloids for months thereafter.

Early Childhood And Adolescence

Menks was born in the Latvian capital of Riga in 1946. There is very little information available regarding her upbringing or family history.

She eventually moved to the United States, settling in Omaha, Nebraska, where she still resides. Menks was hired as a bartender at a small cocktail bar/French cafe shortly after.

Having A Meeting With Buffett And Later Years

A multi-millionaire investor with a golden touch, Buffett started establishing himself as an investor of note in the 1970s. There were several disagreements between Buffett and his then-wife, Susan Thompson, according to those who were close to the marriage.

These disagreements were reportedly about Buffett’s quick ascent to prominence, which she saw as dominating. Thompson resumed working at the same cocktail bar where Menks had previously employed, resuming a long-dormant career as a nightclub singer that had been put on hold.

Thompson made the decision in 1977 to come to San Francisco in order to continue her job as a signer, about 25 years after she married Buffett and moved to the city with him. She did, however, ask the females in the bar to care about her husband before she left Omaha, and they obliged.

She had a greater understanding of Buffett than most others and was aware of his need for female company. He was in need of someone to look after him.

Menks, one of those females, quickly became a close friend to him because of her caring attitude and generous servings of homemade soup. Her relationship with him began when she moved in with him to his white stucco home in Omaha a year later.

Buffett, on the other hand, never divorced Thompson, and the two remained close friends for the rest of their lives. Over the years, they would spend months together and cooperate on numerous projects.

Menks was aware that Buffett was not interested in remarrying and seemed to be content with that choice. She, Buffett, and Thompson were in a loving, if unconventional, relationship at the time.

It was common for them to appear at gatherings together, holding hands. They would even send out Christmas cards signed “Warren, Susie, and Astrid” to friends and family members. While Thompson was in charge of Buffett’s charity organisation, Menks supplied him with a comfortable living situation.

Marriage Thompson died in 2004 at the age of 86. After two years of dating, Buffett and Menks tied the knot in a private ceremony at his home. Susan, Howard, and Peter Buffett, Buffett’s children from his marriage to Thompson, hold Menks in great respect, which says eloquently about the connection they themselves have with her.

She is very interested in her own charitable endeavours and makes donations to the local zoo. Like economical as her husband, she is still spotted shopping at thrift stores rather than in high-end stores and boutiques, despite their differences.

Latvia Is Where I Was Born

Astrid Menks was born in 1946 in the European country of Latvia. She then relocated to the United States, where she eventually lived in Omaha, Nebraska.

As far as nationality and ethnicity are concerned, Astrid is a Latvian, yet she is of mixed descent. It is yet unknown what her family’s past and educational background are like, so stay tuned.

While working as a waitress, I had the opportunity to meet Warren Buffett.

Astrid Menks worked as a waiter at The French Cafe cocktail bar in Omaha, Nebraska, where she met her husband. She met her future husband Warren Buffett, as well as his late wife Susan Buffett, when she was there. Susan worked as a nightclub singer at the same establishment on occasion.

Warren’s commercial career was reaching new heights at the same time, and he was gaining enormous notoriety, which his wife said was becoming too much for her.