Who is Zadie O’Connell? Career, Net Worth, Bio, And Personal Life

A 24-year-old “drunk” girl arrested for molesting male people on the train ‘boasted of being unwell in taxi’ has been revealed.

Essex girl, 24-year-old Zadie O’Connell, was arrested Friday night after reportedly harassing London-bound train passengers.

While inviting another to ‘go on, take me,’ O’Connell appeared to be leaning on one person.

An eyewitness saw her punch and grab the buttocks of a security guy.

O’Connell recently bragged about urinating in the friend’s yard and puking in a taxicab on social media.

The woman detained in connection to sexual assaults and violent behavior on a train yesterday night has been named Zadie Owens, 24, of Basildon, Essex.

It seems that O’Connell, 24, bragged on social media about having “p***ed in a friend’s garden” and was recently fined for puking up in the back of a taxi.

Passengers were seen to be threatened and told to “come ahead take me” by O’Connell in the last night’s video.

On the York to Essex c2c, a fellow passenger who documented O’Connell’s “upsetting” behavior claimed, “Smacked me inside the face twice.” With his nads, he attacked a security guard.

‘I attended to the same school with her, she was truly a nice kid,’ a neighbor in Basildon, Essex, told MailOnline today. There is a lot to like about her right now.’

In a foul-mouthed tirade against Hermes on Monday, she tweeted, ‘@Hermesparcels.’ Does this mean anything? Why did I get a letter with a fake signature of my own when this was supposed to arrive yesterday? ‘Where is my package?’

Finally, she wrote on the web in late October: ‘How well the have I just come home & managed to obtain an £80 penalty for throwing up in the taxi haha. Afraid of my self-worth, I hate myself.’

‘Probs the trampiest twitter ever and I just in my pal’s lawn and the cat is licking it up’ she posted the same night.

It was caught on camera by passengers who pleaded with O’Connell should calm down last night, and it’s now available online.

In addition to the common assault charges, she was also charged with two counts of sexual assault.

If you ask videographer John Mason about his location during the exchange: “I was calmly doing my own thing, but this girl was upsetting everyone,” he says.”

It can be seen in the video that O’Connell is leaning over a guy on the train and shouting, ‘Oh my my. You thought that I was going to  say anything and it mattered.’

She wraps her arms around the guy attempting to escape her as she continues her tirade.

A passenger attempts to put her down by shouting “Calm down” many times in the video. She suddenly turns her camera on Mr. Mason and starts recording him aggressively.

she says as she places her head in front of the camera and yells, “Yeah video me what?” What. What. “What are we going to do?” is the question.

Once she’s been pulled away from the second guy, she approaches the first man she’d been straddling once again.

O’Connell, on either hand, is stopped by a second guy. In an attempt to persuade her that she has had more to drink, the guy tells her, “Listen, girl, I do not even give a damn.”

“Come on then, take me!” she yells as she approaches a guy, who responds, “I’ll be right there.”

According to Mr. Mason’s 49-year-old YouTube comment: ‘Smacked him in the face twice.” Grabbed a security guy by the nuts and shook him. I’m sorry, but I’ve already tried this previously without success, so I’m leaving.’

‘God if I was also on the train and woman was doing to my spouse she would have gone out the window whereas the station was still going,’ Jo Hurt said online.

“I saw her screaming and shouting and creating a fuss on the platform when I walked to the station,” Ayla Hasan said. I am disgusted by this.’

According to Colin Bright, ‘Silly season has officially begun!’ In my opinion, she’s fortunate no one offered her a righty because if this were a male, she would have been crucified here. She will be suffering the effects of it tomorrow, I’m sure.

A British Transport Police official said that a 24-year-old local woman had been arrested at Tilbury and was now in jail.

After an altercation aboard a C2C train last night, a 24-year-old woman was detained and taken into jail this afternoon.

A “drunk” lady got into an argument with fellow passengers on a train from London to Essex the other night. This is the first time we’ve learned who she is.

Zadie Developmental delays, 24, of Bowers Gifford, Essex, was caught in a dispute with fellow passengers on a c2c train between London’s Fenchurch Street and Pitsea, Essex, just before 7 p.m. Friday.

Police have arrested a 24-year-old male on suspicion of two counts of sexual assault with four counts of ordinary assault, according to the British Transport Police (BTP).

She’s still being detained.

O’Connell claims she was penalized for bragging on social media about puking in a taxi last month.

She tweeted at the end of August that she was pregnant “How the fuck have I just come home and been charged an £80 taxi fare for puking in the cab? LOL. I hate myself so much that I’m enraged.

While it was “probably the trampiest tweet of all time, but I just p***ed on my friend’s grass and the dog was licking it off,” she tweeted Thursday evening.

Last night, O’Connell’s coworkers begged her to stop filming her wrath.

You have had to take a stance at some time when you’re performing your job and a female is disrupting everyone else.” As one shocked passenger, 49-year-old John Mason of Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, noted: The stops at Ilford, Purfleet, and were on my list of proposals for her.

An on-duty security guard was assaulted by her twice.

The last time I was there, nothing happened, so I went away.

A woman’s voice can be heard saying, “Oh my god, oh my god. We’d all believed you were going tofuck say anything and it mattered, but you didn’t.”

She made an aggressive gesture at a male passenger while another rider tried to calm her down.

Commotion Sparked By A Passenger

His reply was, “You believe you can determine when anything in this world is important? Is that what you’re saying?”

He kept saying, “Calm the fuck down, calm down,” as if he could make her feel better.

She spotted John’s camera while being dragged away and exclaimed, “Oh my God!” “Go ahead and record me. What? What? “What are we going to do?” was the question.

“Listen, lady, you’ve had far too much drink,” a dear friend said.

So, please, take me with you! “she said with a resounding shout.

After that, she walked up to him again and said, “Wait. “Don’t thou dare take me, fuck.”

As Shen seemed to grab his smartphone from his grip, the video suddenly ended.