What Are The Top Emergency Camping Item

When you depart for a camping trip, there is no telling what mishap can happen on your voyage.

  • Will the power go out?
  • Will you experience a lack of freshwater sources?
  • Weather going wild on you?
  • Disconnected from the reception?

The unknown is enough to get yourself prepared.

Regardless of when and where you are camping, there are a few emergency camping items you must have, especially when you are camping in the wild.

Here are the top things you need to make your camping safe and secure.

Means Of Treating And Storing Fresh Water

A means of accessing clean water for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene, should be your first priority. Having access to clean water when camping is an essential piece of camping item.

Always carry water bottles that are capable of treating natural water and filters to remove bacteria. This will ensure that you always have enough water for your needs.

A First Aid Kid

You can’t forget to add first aid to your list. Remember, you are out on hills or plains where you don’t have access to a hospital or any medical facility. In case anything happens, it can be dangerous for you.

What Are The Top Emergency Camping Item
What Are The Top Emergency Camping Item

To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, always carry a first aid kit. Pack all the necessary medicine and aid you will need if something goes wrong.

The trick with the first aid kit is to keep it fully stacked up. If it has all the things needed, you can treat wounds easily.

Protection From Wildlife

When camping deep in the woods, medical assistance is far away, and the risk of infection from an injury can be life-threatening. In addition, if camping in an area with predators, it is a good idea to keep a camp gun ready in case an animal attacks you and causes you harm.

The Benelli M4 is a great gun for this use and is very reliable. Be sure to get some benelli M4 Accessories on your gun to make the ergonomics as comfortable as possible.

A Three-Day Food Supply

When you are camping outside and relying on nature for food to enjoy the camping, you must know that you might not always find food to eat. This is why you must always prepare three days’ worth of non-perishable food.

What Are The Top Emergency Camping Item
What Are The Top Emergency Camping Item

These pre-packed meals ensure to feed you on days when you are unable to find any food to eat.

Getting a stock of non-perishable food that is already pre-portioned and packed for easy access.

A Portable Power Station

A portable power station is a rechargeable battery with outputs to charge all your electronic devices on the go. When you are out there in the wild camping, you are far away from any human settlement and electricity. So if your battery is dead, there is no way to recharge it. In such situations, these portable batteries are the only saviors.

These portable power stations can be charged from your vehicle’s 12v outlet as well as solar panels. Once fully charged, it can offer up to 187 watt-hours of power supply.

Windproof Lighter & Fire Starting kit

Like a good multi-tool or paracord, you need to have access to a fire source. When you are out in the woods, the weather can go wild anytime. However, if you are in a hilly area with a lot of wind, you will find it difficult to light a fire. This is where a windproof lighter can help you start a fire.

Also, consider having a fire tool with tinder to support the fire. These items will help you light a fire in the absence of dry wood.

Given that they are small and hold the potential to make a huge difference, these should be stowed in your emergency camping item list.