What To Do For The Perfect College Dorm Party?

Do you wish to throw the most memorable College Dorm Party ever? Do you want to host social media-related contests, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Look for the answer! In this blog, we’ll teach you how to organize an unforgettable College Dorm Party without breaking the bank.

What kind of Event do you Wish to Host?

The first step is to have to determine what kind of event you want to organize. Are you planning to throw an outdoor or indoor event? Do you plan to host a sports-themed gathering or a “free-for-all” rager? These are the crucial questions to be addressed before the event gets underway.

The best advice we can offer the guest is to bring your closest friends, and inform them how many guests will be attending the party prior to your guests arriving. So you can limit the event to your closest members and not others. Don’t create the impression of open space with strangers who just go in and out of the house without any reason whatsoever.

Who You Invite

After you’ve made a decision on the type of party scheduled It is now time to head out to make the ideal guest list. It is important as it will decide the kind of mood you’d like to create to the event. A party with a lot of undeveloped students with their crappy behavior is not enjoyable even. If you have an idea of what kind of people you’d like to meet take a trip out and meet them!

There are a variety of methods to accomplish this well. You can invite your best acquaintances on Facebook to find out who will be going to be attending your party or ask some of your acquaintances from school to come along with you. This is exactly what we did to host this event and it was a huge success.

What to Invite

Next, you must gather everything you’ll require out of your dormitory room. There are things like party decorations, party items and games, and food, and beverages on the ceiling! Take a look at our ideas for a dorm room! In this article, we decided to create a collage of everything that is IMDB or MovieBabble associated with. We then created posters using images from IMDB images. Your guests will be able to find the right place and will be entertained by reading the details on the poster, too.

Once everything’s set, you’re all set for night one of your exciting night!

Night One: Welcome!

It’s up to you on how you would like to kick off your party, but regardless of what you decide to do be sure everyone is aware prior to the event. If not, your event could be destroyed before it begins.

After all of your guests have arrived, you’ll be looking to play a few games before the actual party commences. We had a lot of fun playing “Fruit Ninja”, and we wanted to share the game with guests.

After the games have ended and it’s time to have some food! We grabbed a bowl full of snacks off our sofa and put them in front of the television.

Then, it’s time to put up your decor. Our table was at one end of the space however you can put it wherever you like. Our bedsheets were set on the opposite part of our room and utilized to cover our dresser. This gave the event a collegiate feel.

Then it was time for guests to begin to arrive. Our guests were delighted to meet all of their favorite X-Men characters, and we had a wonderful time greeting everyone.

After everyone had arrived, we started playing games! The game was “Fruit Ninja” again, however this time we were making our custom poster. We gave our guests two minutes to fill in their favorite characters and the reasons why they passed away.

We then held a huge X-Men trivia game where we showed everyone one scene from each film. Participants had to figure out which film it was with whom in the scene. We then gave them the correct answers and then told them whether they were correct or not. The winner took home the prize of an “Uncanny X-Men” and “X2” DVD set!

After that, we turned on the film and had a blast watching it.

Night Two and Three: Have Fun!

The two nights prior to the celebration, we had no plans at all. Everyone just hung around and watched a movie and enjoyed anything they chose to enjoy. It was a wonderful bonding moment for us all and we hope you enjoyed the same!