When Meilssa and John Married at First Sight?

Just a few weeks after the end of Married At First Sight, John and Melissa announced that they are no longer together. Married At First Sight’s final original match has called it quits.

In a joint statement, John and Melissa have confirmed that their relationship has come to an end.

Married At First Sight cast member John commented on Instagram that he and Melissa had a “wonderful weekend” together.

“We had an instant connection and really enjoyed spending time together and getting to know one another. Because we got along so well as a couple, it brought home to us both just how lovely it is to have someone to share life with.

We anticipated some difficulties when we returned to the real world, but we agreed to give it a go-to to determine whether or not we had genuine affections for one another.

“It has been a very difficult decision, and it hurts both of us to inform that we have decided to break up as a couple,” the couple says. We still hold each other in high regard, but we’ve come to realise that our perspectives on life and the expectations we place on romantic relationships have diverged significantly.

No matter how much we’ve talked and spent time together, it still doesn’t feel like anything is moving forward in our relationship.

No matter how long it’s been, we’re still close pals who cherish the memories we’ve made.

Despite the fact that the relationship didn’t work out, Melissa released a statement on Instagram expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the reality TV show.

Because John is such a beautiful and caring man, Melissa remarked, “I could not have gone through this process with anybody else.”

In the hopes of finding true love, I entered the experiment with high hopes that it would succeed. As you know, my previous marriage had been a complete disaster, and I had concluded that I was never intended to be in a relationship again.

It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done because it reminded me that possibly there’s a love for me out there and I appreciate Married At First Sight for reopening my world to love.”

It was only after the Married At First Sight experiment concluded that John and Melissa began dating again.

However, after filming finished, there have been a number of partner swaps, with Justin dating Ashley and Carly dating Troy.

Nevertheless, the show’s e so-called “relationship gurus” are looking bad because all of the original pairings failed. Since John and Melissa’s breakup became public knowledge, Married At First Sight fans have taken to social media to lambast the experts.

Now that #mafsau is no more, I’m left wondering if I was wasting my time by watching it. There’s a glut of self-proclaimed relationship specialists out there.

What became of Melissa and John following the conclusion of Married at First Sight Australia?

John, 55, participated on season four of Married at First Sight Australia a year earlier and was eager to find love again. According to the experts with Debbie’s breakup, it seemed like Melissa, 53, was the perfect match for his. Sadly, the relationship didn’t endure long after the cameras stopped running, and they broke up soon after.

This has been a very tough choice and it makes us both extremely sorry to say we have decided to no longer continue as a relationship,” they wrote in a joint statement at the time. Still, we respect each other greatly, but our lives and expectations for partnerships are vastly different.

After much discussion about how to make it work and time spent together, we’ve both agreed that it doesn’t feel like anything is moving forward.

As friends, “We still care profoundly for each other, and we’ll never forget the amazing times we’ve had together.”

Finally, they said, “We realise there has been a lot of speculation about whether we are together anymore and wanted to be entirely upfront and let you know where our relationship is at.”

Melissa went on to call John ‘nice,’ before concluding, “I am unhappy that it hasn’t worked as I entered into the experiment seeking for real love.

Because of my previous relationship woes, I had concluded that it was time to give up on ever finding love again. It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done because it reminded me that possibly there is a love out there for me and I appreciate Married at First Sight for reopening my world to love,” says the participant.