Who is Grace Rolek’s? Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Grace Rolek is an American voice actress who gained fame for her voice as Connie as a character in the animated television show “Steven Universe” (2013-2020) as well as other characters she has recorded during her career.


Unfortunately, there’s no information on her educational background however she has mentioned that she went to the school of performing arts located in Los Angeles, California. She started acting when she was only four years old and ended up concluding she wanted to pursue voice acting as her passion. She put in all the effort to be a professional voice actress and the dream did come through. Grace recently stated she would like to continue voice acting throughout her life.


Before landing her first role as a voice actor, Grace appeared on screen in the short film “US Air Marshals” in 2004. The same year she also appeared as a character in Primetime’s Emmy award-winning comedy-drama program “George Lopez”, starring the comedian’s famous character who also created the show.

Alongside the comedian was Luis Armand Garcia and Constance Marie for the entire 120 episodes. Young Grace was then offered her first role as a voice actor on “Mulan 2″, also in 2004, and then the next year she was a part of”Tarzan II,” an animation film “Tarzan II”, and she also voiced Marlene Wallace for the animation movie “Final Fantasy VII.” Advent Children.

Personal Life

Concerning her private lifestyle, Grace has openly expressed that she is bisexual. Since 2016 she’s been involved engaged to Shae, a man who she calls Shae and they frequently post photos from their relationship on her public Instagram page.

Net Worth

In mid-2021 the net worth of Grace Rolek had been estimated at $1.5 million. This was a result of her professional career as a voice actor and voice actor. She has been featured in more than 30 animated television and film series each of which has added to her wealth.


As an actress who is on the rise, Grace has a rather busy schedule. But, she has managed to find time for different interests and hobbies. She’s a prolific guitarist and also loves to sing. Reading is another of her hobbies in the spare time.

She loves trying various dishes, and has even said she loves sushi as her favourite food.

Grace enjoys traveling and, along with her partner, she has been to several countries which include France and England as well as other countries.

Grace is an animal lover. She has numerous pets such as one dog named Chado as well as a cat named Xander. is a cat lover and has a number of pictures of cats that are stray in the Instagram page.