Ysl Black Opium Dossier.co A Complete Review

Perfumes and scents are points of luxury no matter how they are inexpensive or expensive. Black opium dossier. co are amenities since many people desire to enjoy pleasant-smelling trinkets regardless of their identities or age groups. Some people are only satisfied with herbal scents, so that’s what they stay faithful to.

This Bastille Day post has led us to create a post about a perfume brand that is presently making news. The dossier is the brand and the perfume collections of the dossier. co is unique, layered with various scents, and inexpensive. They have complex smells such as dark opium that other cosmetic brands have difficulty replicating.

Caviar lovers will forever consult with the Black opium coden farm. co for its uniqueness and delightful fragrances. When it comes to creating aroma fragrances with various undertones, Deux Corolle is a specialist. Deux Corolle collections attract not merely women but to men, both young and older. The scents energize the overall look of the user and give off sensual warmth.

Why Dossier?

Dossier knows that scents are personal to its customers, so it works hard to make great products. Customers are encouraged to try out the products that they may return anytime for a refund. Each purchase that is less-than-satisfied is fully refunded.

According to Dossier, Dossier has actually donated the removed bottles to charitable organizations in order to protect the environment. In the sense that Dossier is contributing something, it is doing nothing more than its part by recycling the bottles.

About Black Opium Fragrance

The YSL black opium perfume dossier. co fragrance is on the top-ranked list of Dossier fragrances. Its name implies its French origins and its lavishness. This perfume is a unisex fragrance for both genders. It’s a dark product that is classy and has a fresh, enjoyable scent.

A number of fashion rivals attempted to make Dossier’s iconic product but failed to produce anything comparable. Some other fragrance brands are missing out on the phenomenal success of Dossier’s original product. The dossier is laden with an extremely pleasant fragrance that will certainly cast a spell on anyone who smells it.

Black Opium gives off a distinctly feminine, floral, and sensual aroma as a result of the vanilla, coffee bean, and rose spices it holds. Because of this, individuals typically put on this scent for nighttime occasions.

The scent is contained in a sleek black or rectangular bottle, having the form of a square or rectangle. At the center of the bottle, there is an icon displaying the product’s logo.

This bottle has logos that make it easy to find the brand name bottles. Furthermore, the bottle boasts a label that is in contrast to the glass body of the bottle.

About The Original And The New YSL

The initial Yves Saint Laurent originated from the Yves Saint Laurent brand that was well known in the early 1960s. Several fashion enthusiasts during that decade liked to own products by this brand. The Yves Saint Laurent fragrance became so popular in the late 1970s.

The original creator of the earliest Black Opium dossier was really obsessed with oriental scents at that time. This inspired him to create a fragrance that became a big hit among the masses. Barely a few months after its launch, people were impelled to buy the original YSL, and vendors were required to replenish their stocks expediently.

The attractiveness of just what made it so highly sought after the beauty of this item may entice customers to collect the complete set and send it to their loved ones. This means that sales skyrocketed around the world so much that it came to be the focal point of conversation worldwide.

The whiff of the original YSL through the years is quite a feat for a fragrance brand, and brands have attempted it for much of the late 20th century. Through the years, numerous brands have issued successful variations of the scent. Dossier came forward with the sort of imitation of the original YSL.

Four seasons of content provided by Char about what has changed and what has remained in the new YSL version of the future was sent to curious lay consumers in early 2014. For de YSL, Dozier modernized the version. The dossier created a new YSL brand and applied his trademark to it.

The result is a scent that may intoxicate the senses and be more pleasant than the authentic YSL. Finally, note that the original YSL has only a single fragrance while the dossier has several fragrances.

Tourism organization YSL entitled a singer with a superb aura to be the spokesperson for its Black Opium advertising campaign. The smell matches the wearer of the perfume as it also emits a beautiful aroma that energizes him or her.

YSL Black Opium has a pleasant scent that lingers persistently. It encourages you and leaves you feeling energized and confident. The product is available in multiple versions suitable for purchase by customers. Regardless of your selection, know that the aroma will linger eternally.

Its Fragrances

The floral aromas can give the aroma of the product, lending it an ethereal fragrance. The dark fragrance can be attributed to the use of black coffee that has been expertly roasted. Similarly, the dark aroma provides a scent that energizes your body when others smell it. The overall appearance is of feminine and masculine scents that vary from light to dark and also edgy.

The dossier included coffee in the perfume to make it different from its rivals. So if you open the bottle, you will instantly recognize the bottle as a Dossier. In the same vein, you can detect a soft flowery, and citrusy scent inside the bottle with a musky scent. All of this is thanks to the contribution of musk (white) and patchouli. Indeed, Dossier dared to combine the dark and light scena.

The mix of these scents awakens a woman ca more and femininity. The different contrasting scents smoothly blend together to form a special product, incorporating ingredients such as licorice, pink pepper (black), accord (pear), accord (coffee), essence (cedarwood), almond (bitter), and jasmine.

In addition, there is a permeating scent from the wood (cashmere) used. The natural ingredients enhance the fragrance of the product.

Types Of YSL Black Opium Scents

ysl black opium dossier.co
ysl black opium dossier.co

As stated earlier, the item in question is designed with two variants in the market. They are several.
Musk: A grooming product that’s produced naturally winds up smoothing out the fragrance of a person and increasing his or her mood.

Vanilla: A combination of fruit and cream supplies this substance, which serves to stimulate the senses and the brain.

Amber: Depending on the flavors and scent, it’s mixed with other substances, such as benzoin. Benzoin is particularly appealing due to its citrusy scent.

Oud: This aroma has a romantic connotation and is collected for its warmth-inducing properties. The sooty fragrance envelops people in a warm, intimate atmosphere.

Types Of YSL Back Opium

Eau De Parfum:

From Dossier, these beauty products have sensual and invigorating scents thanks to vanilla and coffee (black). If you’re interested in becoming a perfume buff, you need to know the smell characteristics of your very favorite scents.

The Scent is extremely important as it will enable you to choose scents that assert your personality. When you shop around for a fragrance, it’s imperative to keep in mind that the best ones will adhere to you even after a very busy day.

This is ideally suited to those who compete in or regularly exert themselves, as it won’t negatively impact you. When you spray the fragrance, it’s as though you haven’t experienced a bad smell from your body after a tough day. That boosts your self-esteem as you leave your work environment and go home.

You are also able to air out the fragrance yourself wherever you like once the session is complete. The spray is also reasonably priced so that more people can purchase it. When you go through the item, there are no additional charges.

Different Eau Essences

1-Chinese that same year included green mandarins and white chocolate in the mocktail recipe, creating a mild fragrance. The fragrance of the dragon fruit ingredients in the mixture created another powerful aroma. Additionally, you can even enjoy the smell of coffee grounds, as well as fruits, with a circulation of this spray.

2-Another type of this product is referred to as Extreme and possesses a coffee (black) fragrance that’s flowery and tenacious. Furthermore, it includes a blend of flowers (white) that are associated with it. Likewise, patchouli was integrated into this item in order to better enhance the power of the user. Though the sweetness of Extreme is lower than in other iterations, it is not as light as the original.

3-Last but not least, there is the Intense Edition, the bolder and stronger edition of all other versions. The amount of coffee grounds on Intense is more than double that of the standard. The aroma lasts longer due to the inclusion of the absinthe (blue).

Ambery Vanilla

This is one of the included products in the Black Opium dossier.co assortment. It is made from living and unpolluted products that don’t involve animal mistreatment. Some of its crucial components are plants and exotic flowers with a sweet floral smell. You can detect some vanilla with a taste of pear in this product.

There is also a fat citrus aroma, followed by a sweet floral aroma that envelops you in a sensuous bouquet of smoke. To finish off the aroma, there is a thick, delicate smell of coconut and vanilla. There also appears to be a secret scent when you exhale deeply. No wonder perfume lovers praise Ambery cheerfully whirling a multitude of different olfactory experiences into one.

How To Apply Dossier Perfumes

ysl black opium dossier.co
ysl black opium dossier.co

Layer The Scents You Have

To blend scents, you need to file an assortment of distinct scents together to create one aroma. Professional opinions are available on how to group together different scents to develop your own private aroma.

Application Of Layered Scents

Repeat each smell spell onto your body, one after the other.

Examples Of Layered Scents

Gourmand patchoulis and Ambery Vanilla fragrances: Combine both of these scents for a night filled with different and unique scents. Ambery has vanilla and patchouli; all of these components mix together in harmony. Then, spray the gourmand perfume, next multiplex, to inhale the best one.

Gourmand White Flower and Ambery Vanilla: This is an excellent combination that offers you a selection of ocean aromas and flower scents. Ambery French framboise essences contain vanilla, patchouli, and flower (white). Gourmand lily coffee essences are made from flowers (white), camellia, and coffee.

Why Black Opium?

It’s a fragrance that is seductive and designed to seduce the senses and bring out the beauty of the wearer. The fragrance is somewhat mysterious. The idea is to make women more comfortable in Germany, especially those who serve in difficult fields. It represents the popular image of an endless, confident woman and encourages women to live proactively in their careers. According to reports taken from customers, the perky, long-lasting fragrance of the perfume brought them toward the purchase.

The beautiful feminine model who’s fashionable and full of energy will welcome Spanning’s invigorating citrus scent. Despite how rugged your natural scent operates, the fragrances in Spanning will suppress the odor and give you a refreshing fresh aroma. During the hours you’re passing by, people will appreciate your musky, fragrant, and floral odor.

Unlike many other unisex perfumes that have strong masculine or feminine scents, Eau is a perfectly balanced mix of both smells. It produces a bitter and raw scene with an aggressive bite that makes you in control. This is not the scent for people who love light fragrance because it is strong and lingers in the air.


Black Opium dossier. co is an English formula for organic services and products that do not have adverse effects on the human system or the senses. Unless you’re allergic to the substances utilized, the product is truly safe to spray. It is a new variety of the original Yves Saint Laurent formula that appeals to modern-day ladies.

If you want to see if you want to be your feminine and sensual self these days, invest in the Black Opium dossier.co today and take it for a run. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.