Who is Zach Tyler Eisen? Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Zachary Tyler ‘Zach’ Eisen was born in Stamford, Connecticut USA, on September 23, 1993. Zodiac signs for him are Libra and he is of American nationality. He was a voice actor with more than 20 credits however, he is popular for his performance as Lucas Nickle in the 2006 animated comedy film “The Ant Bully”. Directed and written by John A.

Davis, it featured Paul Giamatti, Nicolas Cage, and Julia Roberts, and follows Lucas Nickle who has flooded the entire ant population using a toy water gun and has reduced them into the shape of an ant and then ordered by the ants to perform the physical labor. The film won an award out of five for which it had been nominated.

Zach prefers to keep his distance from media attention and not much has been revealed about his past after his departure from acting, besides the occasional appearance on talk shows and, in all of them, Zach has not elaborated on his present career or life.

Education and Early life

Zach was born in Stamford with his sister Mackenzie and their mother Lauren and his father, who likes to remain in the shadows of the media. There isn’t much information about the family of Zach’s, as the family is private to him.

Zach was sort of thrown into the world of film since he was spotted by a talent searcher while the age of four was just older, and made his film debut in 1999 at the age of five, as the character of Lukas on the film “Entropy,” a romantic comedy. film “Entropy”.

The script has been written and edited by Phil Joanou, starred Stephen Dorff and Judith Godreche, and follows Stephen who is dating a model and is now directing his first film. Zach continued acting for the next nine years, but he quit the business in the year 2008.

He was a student at Westhill High School in Stamford where he graduated in 2011. Although Zach hasn’t mentioned his future studies, it’s been reported that Zach was a student at Syracuse University, from which was awarded an undergraduate degree in Arts and Sciences in the year 2015.

Girlfriends who love life, and Love Life

Zach is extremely private when it comes to his relationship status and hasn’t shared any details about any women (or guys) who he might have been in a relationship with. This could be the reason why there are many reports on the internet about his sexual orientation and his current status in his relationship.

Many of his followers believe that he is gay, as Zach hasn’t spent time with women or posted any photos of girls on the Instagram account. A fan has claimed to have witnessed Zach having a date with a man who could be his boyfriend. However, there’s been no evidence given to support this claim and neither has Zach expressed his opinion on the matter.

There are those people who think that the actor is currently engaged to someone who isn’t famous, and would prefer to keep her from the media. This isn’t confirmed yet.

In August 2021, Zach is believed to be unmarried, isn’t got married and doesn’t have children.


Zach was a travel enthusiast throughout the time he worked working in the film business and was able to travel to a variety of US states. However, his ideal destination for travel in Los Angeles, California.

He’s active physically and is able to complete between four and five training sessions in the gym every week, thus he has a strong body. Zach has decided to make the account private on his Instagram account private. However, those who follow him will be able to see the photos that show him barefoot. He also likes playing various sports, such as soccer and football.

Zach is a huge fan of animals and has reportedly worked at an animal rescue close to his home.

He has his own personal favorite actors and actresses. Some of which include Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith and Kate Winslet as well as a couple of his top films include “Django Unchained”, “I, Robot” and “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

Net Worth

In August 2021, his net worth is valued at $3 million.