Who is Ann Serrano? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Ann Serrano Lopez was born in Hartford, Connecticut USA, on December 18, 1960. the sign of her zodiac is Sagittarius and she has American citizenship. She’s an actor as well as a film writer and producer, but she’s probably best known as the ex-wife of famed American actor-producer and writer George Lopez.

Ann is still very involved in the film industry however, she has stayed off the spotlight following her divorce from George.

Family life, Early life, and Education

Ann was raised with their sister Norda Winkler, and her older sister Robert in Hartford and was raised by both their fathers the Dr. Julio Robert and Dr. Norda Rozan Serrano. After they were both offered jobs at a medical facility located in Ohio the family relocated there but after a couple of years relocated from Fort Lauderdale to Florida.

Julio was a doctor who was killed in a car crash in 1987. Norda had been an anesthesiologist, who received her doctorate at the University of Havana’s School of Medicine and who passed away from an unnatural death in 2010. Ann’s sister was confined to a mental hospital in 2005. It is believed that she committed suicide after killing the body of her Chinese husband in the year 1990.

Ann hasn’t been forthcoming with details about her childhood. She was a student at an area high school in where she was bullied because she was overweight and was most interested in creative writing throughout the four years she was there. She graduated in 1979 and hasn’t yet spoken about her post-college education, but it’s believed she went to college and earned her Bachelor’s degree in the year 1983.

Love life and marriage to George Lopez

Ann was introduced to George Lopez in May 1989 during a performance at a comedy venue, and according to the rumours that it was her who made the first move and asked him out for the date. At the moment, Ann was working as an assistant director of casting and is widely believed to have assisted George to launch his career.

They were married in an intimate ceremony that was with their closest friends as well as family on September 18th, 1993. On February 2, 1996 Ann was blessed with their first child, Mayan Lopez.

It is believed that George wasn’t the most ideal father or husband because he stayed home at night, and was frequently drunk, and Ann was eventually able to exile him from the home.

She woke up in the late hours of the night and discovered that he was not home, so packed up her vehicle with his belongings and altered the lock. But, George promised he’d change the locks and Ann was willing to bring the lock changed.

In April 2004 George discovered that he was in require of kidneys as his kidneys were failing. after numerous tests were conducted and it was discovered that Ann could be able to donate her own kidney. Both were operated on the 19th of April 2005. The transplantation was successful, however Ann dropped around 44lbs (20kgs) over the next months.

It was a surprise to everyone when the couple split up in early 2010 and Ann was divorced in the same year.

She sought sole custody of their daughter. George changed the name of their foundation from Ann and George Lopez Foundation to George Lopez Foundation. It took about a year to get the divorce concluded, and they divided their property for longer.

The two haven’t mentioned any other persons that they might have had a relationship with. As in April 2021, Ann was single, she once got married to George Lopez, and has one daughter.


Ann is extremely secretive about her other private matters and has even made the Instagram account private, which means that only her followers are able to view the photos she uploads.

She loved traveling before giving birth to her daughter and traveled to numerous US states both for pleasure and for work. Ann was also given the occasion to travel to Paris in France and a variety of Italian cities.

She is a huge animal lover with zebras as her top pet She also owns a pet dog.

Ann is a fan of reading books in her spare time and her top pick one is “The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden” by Jonas Jonasson.

She loves watching films late into the night. Her top actors and actresses include Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston Some of her most cherished films include “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Bruce Almighty” and “Liar Liar”.

Height, age, and net worth

Ann’s age is 60. Ann is a brunette with long hair, and brown eyes. her height is 5ft 6 inches (1.68m) and weighs in the vicinity of 140lbs (65kgs).

In May 2021, her net worth was estimated at more than $5 million. Her ex-husband George’s wealth is said to be more than $45 million.