Who is Linda Kozlowski? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Linda Kozlowski is a renowned former television and movie actress She is probably best known for her character Sue Charlton in the “Crocodile Dundee” action-comedy films. Linda’s career exploded in the year 1981, but she left the industry in 2001.

Age, Early Life, and Education Background

Linda was the daughter of parents Helen E. and Stanley M. Kozlowski on 7 January 1958 at Connecticut, USA. She was 63 years old in 2020.

The actress was a student at Andrew Warde High School in Fairfield where she began her studies in 1976. She then began studying acting at the highly regarded Juilliard School in New York City which is where she was awarded an Master of Fine Arts diploma in the year 1981.

Linda was fortunate to have the pleasure of having the privilege of meeting and studying with many well-known TV actors such as Val Kilmer, later a well-known musician, actor and performer who has appeared on 2005’s “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” ” The Doors,” as well as other shows when she was studying at Juilliard School. Linda was a regular attendee of opera classes when she was at the college.

Body Measurements

The former actress of 63 maintains her hourglass-like figure and is at 5 feet 7 inches (1.71m) she weighs about 130lbs (59kgs) and has important statistics of 35-25-35. Linda has long , blonde hair and blue eyes.

Personal Life

Kozlowski was enthralled by her on-screen romance partner, Michael Dundee – real name Paul Hogan – during the filming for “Crocodile Dundee.”

They met while filming the first film, and then their mutual attraction began to show up in real life. In the years prior to that, Paul was married to Noelene Edwards, with whom he had five children. Because of this, their relationship Paul was widely critiqued.

At the moment, Paul had a difficult relationship with Noelene who he had tied the knot within 1958. They split in 1981. The couple would re-marry in 1982 and then divorce four years after.

Linda was married to her “Crocodile Dundee” protagonist in May of 1990. They held a private, colorful wedding in Sydney, Australia, which was attended by over 100 guests who were family members and friends. For a present, Paul gave Linda a $2 million mansion that he had custom-designed to show his affection for her.

The couple welcomed their first child, Chance, in 1998. Linda then divorced Paul in 2014 following the couple had been married for 23 years. The reason for the divorce was said as incorrigible differences.

Linda started her story in an interview, stating that the major reason she separated from her husband was due to the fact that the couple shared-nothing and had caused them to split up. Paul declared: “We were opposites and we were attracted to each other for a long time.”

After Divorce, Linda received a $6.25 million lump-sum payment. They were each to share the care of Chance and no child or spousal support was requested from either side.

Even though they divorced, the couple remain close friends. In the year 2019, Linda was reportedly asking and beg Paul to quit smoking and to undergo regular checks to show that she is still concerned about her former husband.

Net Worth

Linda has made a fortune from her lucrative real estate business, and she also made a lot of money working on stage as an actor. Linda owns a number of luxurious beachfront homes located in Venice, California which she is believed to have purchased with money from the divorce settlement.

Her company, Dream My Destiny, is among her principal earnings sources. At the time of her 2021 birthday, her estimated worth is around 10 million dollars.