Hair Loss: Root Causes of Shedding Hair

Main reasons behind your hair loss and thinning.

Hair loss is a life-altering experience, especially for women who identify with shiny hair as a symbol of a young and healthy life. If you’re one of them who is fighting with hair loss, thinning strands, split ends. Here are a few things that help you to get shiny and healthy hair.

What Is Hair Loss?

Baldness relates to excessive hair loss from your head. Almost everyone notices that a significant amount of hair strands is lifting away from the scalp during combing or washing your hair.

Don’t worry, actually it’s not a hair loss. According to a dermatologist, it’s normal to lose up to 100 hairs in a day. If you feel like a lot, you have to remember that you have almost 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on your scalp.

So, this just represents 0.001% of your total hair on the head. Hair usually falls due to new hair growing in the place, which tries to replace it.

Understand The Hair Growth Cycle

What is really hair loss? It describes the sudden or gradual loss of actively growing hair follicles on the scalp. However, hair loss generally a change in the hair growth cycle of your hair.

If you want to understand the cause of hair loss, it’s essential to understand this growth cycle of hair. Actually, it is a repeating pattern of hair growth, rest, and fall that happens several times over in your life.

As experts explain, the average hair cycle being six or seven years in length. Hence, this cycle is not in unison, so each hair follows its pattern and timing to complete a process.

There are hair follicles at the center of the hair cycle and hair growth. These are little organs similar to any other organ in our body, as hair follicles compose of different parts that do various jobs.

Ultimately, these are small machines that produce hair shafts out of keratin. The strands burn a lot of energy because they have to work all time.

The body’s control over the process is very complex; thus, it easy to disrupt the balance to go a little awry. This is the leading cause of thinning and hair loss.

Most forms of hair loss are resulting from a shortening of the growth period during the hair cycle. When the growth phase becomes too short, hair falls out fast, excess shedding happens, and the reproducing hair becomes more refined and less substantial.

What are the Major Culprits?

As you may know, the root cause of hair loss is a shortened growth cycle, but what kind of messes with the hair cycle to begin? There are many reasons, such as diet, hormones, stress, aging, genetics, and ironing hairstyles.

The reasons for hair loss are diverse and complex that can combine lifestyle and genetic factors. This results from a dysfunction in the hair cycle and shortening of the hair growth cycle.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the most common hair loss culprits


A healthy balanced diet is crucial for maintaining healthy and shiny hair. The condition is, if we need good hair growth, we should eat nutrients and healthy food.

The human body is an incredible machine that conserves and manages nutrition and energy balance. Your body knows that your hair is not necessary for maintaining your life, unlike other organs.

When the body is under pressure or doesn’t have enough nutrients to work with it; hence, it will shuttle those energies and nutrients to essential organs.

In this way, these energies remain away from the hair. When this happens, the hair follicles prematurely enter the resting phase and slow hair growth.


Anxiety plays the most prominent role in hair loss. If you are taking a proper diet, depression impacts how the body shuttles and manages energy and nutrients.

According to experts, high levels of constant depression put the body into a continuous fight where hair growth is not a censorious function and reduces other systems’ favor.


Hormones that affect growth and development in our body. These molecules are very potent that influence the body in profound ways.

Many of them can also affect the way hair grows, cycles, and metabolizes. If hormones cause hair loss, it typically has to do with a change in levels, such as during menopause or pregnancy.

However, hair loss due to hormones can also occur with challenges in hormones altered by birth control and thyroid hormones.


In some cases, your genes may be the cause of hair loss. However, genetically-caused hair loss is a bit more complicated.

Furthermore, recent studies explain that over 150 genes in men involve including the hair cycle regulator FGF5. It is a protein that holds hair growth, as well as similar in women.


Just like food, some medicines can result in hair loss. Moreover, medication directly affects your hair growth, and many people experience hair loss in the weeks or months after the medical remedies.

High potency antibiotics and prolonged sickness can also cause hair loss.

The Aging Process

Aging can also influence the hair cycle, which results in hair loss. As specialists describe, hair follicles work extremely hard, dividing their cells to produce keratin and melanin that comprise the hair shaft.

Hair follicles function in a cycle of growth; they rest and fall, supported by regeneration from remnant stem cells. As this cycle repeats many times over our lives, that’s why the follicles begin to get a little weak.

Due to tired strands, disruption begins to occur in the hair-cycle, so this disruption can often follow by miniaturization and cycle shortening.


Traction Alopecia is a gradual hair loss condition in which hair under extreme tension beginning to shed. We put our hair through the heat for styling and a good look.

It mainly affects women as they are more into wear hairstyles for different looks. Very tight hairstyles can weaken and damage the follicles resulting in traction alopecia. Overuse of harsh chemicals, hair spray, and heat can damage the scalp and strands.

Botton Line:

I hope this article will help you to get the root cause of your hair loss. Hence, you can maintain a proper nutritious diet to fight hair loss. If you want to share your thoughts, let me know in the comment box.