Jedidiah Goodacre’s Bio, Early Life, Net Worth, Relationships, Education And Hobbies

Jedidiah Goodacre was a Canadian citizen, born in Petrolia on 11 January 1989. He is an actor best known for his portrayal of Roman Sienna in the adventure fantasy drama series “Legacies”, which was created by Julie Plec. It stars Danielle Rose Russell and Aria Shahghasemi, and Quincy Fouse. It follows Hope Mikaelson, a hybrid werewolf-vampire. It has been on air since 2018 and has been nominated three times for awards.

Age, Height, And More.

Jedidiah is 32 years old. Jedidiah is 32 years old. He has brown hair and eyes. His height is 5ft 10ins (1.78m), and his weight is 160 lbs (72 kgs).

Education, Parents, and Early life

Jedidiah was born in Petrolia with his three sisters and one brother. However, little is known about his parents, who prefer to avoid the media’s attention.

While he was in high school, he became interested in acting. However, it is widely believed that his parents did not support him. They wanted him to concentrate on his education and get a college degree (in another field than acting). Jedidiah was a part of several plays at the school. He graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2012 with a Bachelor in Arts.


Jedidiah is very private about his love life and has not spoken out about any of the girls with whom he may have been in a relationship. However, there are rumors that he is linked to several actresses.

He was seen in a relationship on-screen with Emily Tennant in 2015’s movie “If There Be Thorns”. Many people thought they were also dating in real life, but this has not been proven.

He also had an on-screen relationship in 2015’s “Descendants” with Sarah Jeffery, but they have not spoken about their real lives. He was also in a relationship to Sofia Carson during the movie.

Jedidiah has not mentioned any girls he may be seeing today. As of February 2021, he is single, has not married, and has no children.


Jedidiah is an avid dog lover. His pet dog Zooko can often be seen in his Instagram photos. Russian is his pet cat.

He is very physically active and attends several gym sessions every week. He has taken many photos during his workouts and uploaded them to Instagram.

He loves to travel and has visited many US states, including Texas, New York, California, and New York. Jedidiah often takes his dog along with him, and they can often be seen together flying in planes.

Jedidiah spends his free time, which is often late at night, watching movies. His favorite actors and actresses are Heath Ledger, and Natalie Portman, and a few of his favorite movies are “The Dark Knight”, the Patriot, and “Leon: The Professional”.

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