Who is Lilliana Ketchman? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Lilliana Ketchman is an American actor, dancer, and YouTube star who is most well-known for her performance on the television show “Dance Moms” (2016-2019) as well as because of her YouTube channel, where she uploads dance routines, dance compilations, and videos for competitions She has already accumulated more than 3 million users.

She also has used other platforms to showcase her talents and talents, including Instagram and TikTok, and TikTok, where she has millions of followers.

YouTube Career

Parallel to the “Dance Moms” success, Lilliana was working on her YouTube profile.

She continues to post her dance-related videos with new content, as well as daily vlogs and prank videos, which have also helped her become a household name.

The videos she has uploaded have been watched over 300 million times. some of her most-watched have been “Lilly K Room Tour!” It has been watched more than 28 million times, followed by “I was injured by an insane Acrobat! Ft.

Shark” with 15 million views as well as “Something terrible happened to my Dog Tobby”, which has been watched more than 13 million times, in addition to many other videos that only grown her fame and wealth.

Acting Career

Lilliana has also started her acting career and already has more than a dozen credits as an actor. She’s also been featured in a variety of music videos, such as Young Sia on “Move Your Body”, which was performed by pop artist Sia.

In 2020, she played child Sasha in the movie “The Truth About Santa Claus” which is her debut feature film. In addition, she’s set to be the character Emily in the movie “Game Changer”, starring Joel DeVisser, Ashley Bratcher, and Brody Rose.

Personal Life, is Lilliana in a Relationship? Or Single?

Concerning her private lifestyle, Lilliana has quite often created videos that contain information from her life. She created a video in which she revealed her boyfriend’s secret and also the video of a prank boyfriend to her mother, in order to know what her mom’s reaction would be. But, Lilliana remains single and determined to pursue her career since she’s still young to be in a relationship.

Net Worth

In mid-2021, at age 13 Lilliana Ketchman’s net worth was estimated at approximately $1 million. The money was earned through her career a successful one in show business as an actress, dancer and YouTube star.