Who is Paige Hyland? Personal Life, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Paige Mackenzie Hyland was born in Murrysville, Pennsylvania USA, on the 1st of November, 2000. Her zodiac sign of Scorpio and she is a holder of American nationality. She’s a professional dancer as well as an actress and reality TV show star. She’s most likely best known because she was a contestant on the reality program “Dance Moms”.

Childhood and Early life

Paige was born in Murrysville along with their older siblings Brooke and her older sister Josh with their mom Kelly who was an ex-dancer and professional golfer. They also have their father Randy who likes to stay out of the media.

Paige was recognized in 2011 when she appeared on the TV show “Dance Moms”, and when she began her studies in Franklin Regional High School in 2014, she was somewhat well-known.


The dancer continued in school and even appeared in a variety of plays that were performed at the school. According to reports, Paige attempted to be an athlete, hoping to follow in the footsteps of her mother however it didn’t go well for her.

After matriculating in the year 2019 she was enrolled in West Virginia University, from which she will graduate in 2023.

YouTube channel

Paige has also joined YouTube. She started her channel on April 16th, 2013. The channel is currently subscribed to by more than 720,000 users, and has over 55 million views for all her videos , However, Paige not uploaded any videos in the last five years, but she’s assured her fans she’ll return!

A majority of her videos follow Paige throughout her day-to-day life, and particularly during her time performing on “Dance Moms”. The most-watched video of hers”Paige Hyland’s Nighttime Routine “Paige Hyland’s Nighttime Routine” was watched over 12 million times as of January 2015.

Love life and a boyfriend

Paige is quite forthcoming regarding her relationship life. She has uploaded a lot of pictures of her boyfriend, Jayvon Thrift on her Instagram account.

Jayvon is a popular student at Youngstown State University, as his football team is part of the team of the university. Jayvon has also posted photos of him as well as Paige together to his Instagram account and is now being followed by more than 35,000 followers.

The couple has been together for about a year however there have been rumors on the web that they’ve begun to think about getting married, however this hasn’t been confirmed.

There are also other reports, suggesting that Paige was involved in a relationship with Nick Kelly, a New Zealand cricketer who she met while on vacation in the US However, Paige has denied any allegations.

As of July 20, 2021, she’s been in a relationship since July 2021 to Jayvon Thrift, isn’t got married, and doesn’t have any children.


Paige is extremely active and is regularly taking part in several fitness sessions every week. She’s maintaining a strict diet, which is why she has a slim body. She has provided her fans with some tips on working out and losing weight.

The summer months are her favorite since she is a lover of the beach. flaunt her body on the beach. Paige is also a fan of sunbathing and playing beach games with her pals.

She’s a shopper, and she shops for clothes several times a week.