Who is Lynn Hamilton? Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Lynn Hamilton is a veteran Hollywood actress who worked in the industry of entertainment between 1959 and 2009 , which is more than five years! Lynn is most likely famous for her portrayal in the role of Donna Harris, Fred’s fiancee in “Sanford and Son” from 1972 until 1977. She has retired now, however many of her followers are curious about her current health. Continue reading to learn more.

Early Life

Lynn Hamilton was born under the Taurus zodiac on 25 April 1930 located in Yazoo City, Mississippi USA and was the daughter of the African American couple, Nancy and Louis Hamilton. Thus, she has American nationality and is an ancestor of African ancestral ancestors.

There isn’t much information about Lynn’s childhood and the family’s history. It’s unclear whether there were siblings, or if they did. However she was born into a fervent Christian family, and still adheres to the same faith to this day.

When she was 12 years old, Lynn and her parents moved in Chicago Heights, Illinois USA which is where they remained until Lynn decided to leave to pursue a profession. She attended Bloom High School, Chicago Heights later going to take acting classes in the Goodman Theatre in Chicago’s Loop.

Personal Life

Lynn Hamilton was rumored to be the sister of LaWanda’s Page, her co-star on “Sanford and Son” at one point in her career.

Their colleague, Demond Wilson, later disproved the notion, stating it’s a coincidence LaWanda Page has one of her younger sisters called ‘Lynn Hamilton’. But, the actress had a strong relationship with LaWanda Page up until her death in 2002.

Lynn Hamilton was married to the poet and playwright Frank Jenkins. After a brief period of dating and meeting for a few months and then getting married in the month of November 1964. They had a daughter and they were married for nearly 49 years until Frank passed away in August of 2014. It’s not known if the deceased Ms. Hamilton took another partner following the death of her husband.

Concerning the question of whether Lynn Hamilton is still alive She is active and enjoying retirement.

Happy birthday, Lynn Hamilton! The woman who played Fred’s lover Donna in the TV show SANFORD ANDERSON is celebrating her 90th birthday today!

Her last appearance on public television took place on the red carpet at “The Waltons” 40th-anniversary reunion which was held on September 29th, 2012 at the Ebel Theatre, Los Angeles CA.


Hamilton is a fervent Christian.

She often practices meditation.

She is a huge animal lover and has several pets. Her most beloved animals are horses.

She is a fan of the local theater.

Net Worth

Even though Lynn Hamilton’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, it is due to her being involved in the entertainment business for over five decades! The details of the property belonging to Lynn Hamilton are not disclosed. Hamilton and her family are not disclosed to the public.