Who is Mick Thomson? Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Mick Thomson is an American musician from the heavy metal genre, who is most well-known to the world for being the guitarist of the heavy metal group Slipknot. He is among the founding members and is the third longest-serving musician of Slipknot.

Personal Life

In terms of his private life The member of Slipknot’s Mick Thomson is known for maintaining a low profile and also for his love of being by himself on his days off. But, he’s been a married with Stacy Riley since 5th October 2012, and they don’t have children together.


Mick’s career got underway in the early 1990s when he was a guitarist in a variety of local bands in the Des Moines area, which included Body Pit, formed by Paul Gray. But the group broke up shortly thereafter, and, after a few failed lineups and name modifications, Slipknot was formed in 1995 with Shawn Crahan, Joey Jordison, Donnie Steele, Paul Gray along with Anders Colsefini.

Then, Mick joined the band in the year 1996 and began making contributions to the group’s music. The first album in which the guitars of Mick could be heard was their self-titled debut album, which was released in 1999. The album was a total success, with two million copies across the US and Canada, which is when it reached double-platinum status both in the US as well as Canada.

It was the birthplace of hits like “Wait and Bleed”, “Eyeless”, and “Spit It Out”. He spoke about the process of recording, stating that the process had been a nightmare situation due to the absence of financial backing, the low standard of living in the moment, and as well as the substance abuse of others in the band.

They are known for their masks and brutal appearance, Mick wore a hockey mask that he purchased at a local store. He continues to wear the same mask, with slight changes to the appearance as the album progresses.


Furthermore, Mick has worked on various other projects that are not part of Slipknot and has played guitar on the track “Deliver My Enemy”, recorded by Malevolent Creation, and can be heard on the group’s “Doomsday X” album, which was released in 2007.

In addition, he was the lead guitarist for the band record “Deathtrip 69” by the American death metal group Necrophagia which was released in 2011.

Along with the rest of Slipknot, Mick has won numerous awards, among them Grammy Awards, the Grammy Award in the category for Best Metal Performance for their track “Before I Forget”, as well as seven Kerrang! Awards and Three Metal Hammer Golden God awards in addition to many other awards.


Each Slipknot member has a number attached to their name. Mick has chosen his lucky number of seven and to honor his accomplishments Slipknot is tattooing it across his arm on the left. In addition, he has many designs on his body like the word “hate” to hate’ in Japanese on his left arm.

He is a soccer fan and is a fan of The Las Vegas Raiders.

Mick is popularly known by the name Log which he inherited due to his physique as a lumberjack.

He was using B.C. Rich guitars that were custom made to his specifications, however, he was not entirely satisfied with the craftsmanship, so he ultimately signed a contract with Ibanez guitars and played their MTM guitars until he joined Jackson Guitars in July 2016. He is now playing on custom-built Double Rhoads and Soloist models.

Net Worth

At the time of 2021’s midpoint, his net worth had been estimated to be about $20 million. He earned this through his career as a musician.