Michelle Meyrink Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Education And Hobbies

Michelle Meyrink was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on September 1, 1962. Her zodiac is Virgo and she has Canadian citizenship. She is an actor who may still be best known for her role as Jordan Cochran in the 1985 romantic comedy film “Real Genius”, written by Neal Israel, directed by Martha Coolidge, and which starred Michelle, Val Kilmer, and Gabriel Jarret.

The film follows pupils who have a knack for genius and creating a powerful laser as part of a college assignment, but after learning about their professor’s plans to donate their weapon to the army, they choose not to allow this to happen. it was awarded the two prizes and also was even nominated for two other awards.

Education and Childhood

Michelle is extremely discrete when it comes to her private matters. She hasn’t revealed any information about her siblings and parents. However, there is a widespread belief that both parents were wealthy.

Michelle discovered her love for acting during her time in high school and was a part of nearly every play performed in the school.

She also exercised physically however mostly to keep fit and ready for the launch of her career in acting. When she graduated in the year 1980, Michelle worked various jobs to earn a living as she attended auditions and attempted to start her career as an actress.

Life After Acting

Michelle quit acting because she said she was seeking more out of life and began to become attracted to Zen Buddhism. She relocated to the Dominican Republic as she had relatives there, then returned back to Vancouver in the late 90s, got married, and devoted herself to raising her children.

In April of 2013, Michelle founded the Actorium Training Center where she currently serves as an acting instructor.

Relationships and love life

When she was in 1985 Michelle was first seen with Crispin Glover, a film director and actor most well-known for his performance in the role of George McFly in the 1985 science fiction comedy film “Back to the Future” which is rated among the top films ever made and has won over 20 awards, which included an Oscar for the Best Sound Effects Editing. In addition, it was also nominated for 25 other prizes.

But, Michelle and Crispin dated for less than one year.

When she was born in 1991 Michelle had her baby and in 1994 her second child, but she isn’t talking about the father/s of the two children. Michelle was introduced to John Dumbrille during the year 1996 in the Zen Center of Vancouver and they were married shortly after they had their son in 1998. It was published as of September 23, 2003, that the entire family of five was living on Bowen Island, Canada while it is reported today there’s a possibility that Michelle and John were divorced during the second half of the decade but it’s not been confirmed.

As of December 20, 2020, Michelle is either married to John Dumbrille or is divorced and has three children.

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Michelle remains a part of the industry of films since she teaches acting in her own school. She has also helped many teenagers begin their careers in acting and achieve their goals. However, she’s been assured that she won’t perform again.

Michelle loves to travel and has visited numerous Canadian cities. She also had the chance to travel to various American states, including New York, California, and Florida.

She is a fan of animals, and horses are her favorite, and she currently she has several pets including cats and dogs.

In her free moment, Michelle is keen on watching movies. Her top actors and actresses include Marlon Brando as well as Angelina Jolie, while a few of her top films include “After the Promise”, “Coming to America”, and the trilogy “The Godfather”.

Net Worth

In December 2020 her net worth has been estimated at more than $300,000.